What does prosperity mean to you? When most people think of the word, they think of wealth, or being financially independent. They picture yachts or fancy mansions, exotic vacations and expensive sports cars. But that’s really only one small part of the picture.

Prosperity is so much more than money or material possessions! It’s about becoming successful, finding good fortune and living a joyous life filled with abundance. It’s about creating a prosperous mindset and looking at the world, and yourself, through new eyes. Perception is reality. If you view the world through scarcity, scarcity is what you will find. It you view the world as being abundant, you will find abundance all around you.

To become prosperous, you must first open your mind up to the idea of prosperity.

To do this, you must first clear out the clutter. Imagine your mind as a living room filled with stuff. There are boxes, tables, chairs, newspapers, toys – so many things that the windows are hidden behind the layers of stuff, and the floor is nowhere to be seen. It’s a dark, stifling and extremely depressing environment.

Do you think you’d be able to get a new nice sofa in there, or a coffee table? Of course not! There’s no room! In order to bring something into your life, into your consciousness, you must give it a place to reside. Prosperity thrives in a joyous, open environment. It needs room to grow and multiply.

This means getting rid of all the negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs that have piled up over the years. It means taking care of all those lingering doubts and fears that have taken up residence in your head.

For instance, when something good happens, do you immediately look for the other shoe to drop, sure that something bad will follow? If you get an unexpected bonus at work, are you sure that means there will be an unexpected home repair or emergency that takes the money right away? These types of thoughts are what you need to get out of your head.

When you do this, when you clean out the clutter, you allow space for prosperity to come in. You allow the sun to once again light the darkness, and you find precious things that you thought you’d lost forever amid all the chaos – hope…possibility…potential.

Prosperity is found by having an open mind. A closed mind will never see all the opportunities and wonder that exist in the world. A closed mind lives in scarcity. An open mind recognizes that there is unlimited abundance, and is grateful for that fact.

Living in a state of gratitude, and seeing the abundance that already exists around you, is another way of opening your mind and bringing prosperity into your life. Again, I’m not necessarily talking about money or material possessions. You can be grateful for the sunset you saw, your child’s laugh, a hug from a friend, or a clean bill of health. Prosperity isn’t some future event that you have to work toward. It can happen instantaneously. You become prosperous the moment you choose to invite prosperity into your life. But to truly master the concept, you have not only embrace it, you must become it.

You have to open your mind and see not just the world, but yourself, as a prosperous and abundant being – filled with unlimited talent and possibility. As Gandhi once said, “We must first be the change we wish to see in the world.”

To Your Success,
Nathan Amaral

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