Has your life been chaotic over the last few weeks? Have you been experiencing headaches, leg pain, back pain or accidents? Welcome to the chaotic energies of March!

March has definitely come in like a lion this year. Everyone’s lives have been in chaos. There have been massive snow storms, even here in Texas. There have been storms and flooding, earthquakes and typhoons. It has been a time of chaos and more chaos.

We have been experiencing debilitating headaches which last for weeks at a time. Pain in the legs and hips have been common. More people have been complaining with back pains. We have been feeling like we are spinning our wheels, not able to make any progress or move ahead. It seems we just don’t have the energy to get the things done we need to do. We have been sleeping more, feeling like we never get enough rest. The intense energies have even made some people feel, if even for a moment, that they wanted to die. Not suicidal, but just not wanting to be here any more. Our appliances are breaking and we are experiencing more accidents.

I personally came home last week to find my cat with his stomach ripped open. I had been home at least two hours before I discovered him in my bathroom. It is a miracle that he hadn’t bled to death in that time. When we got him to the vet, he wasn’t expected to survive surgery because of the shock. His spleen had to be removed because it couldn’t be repaired. With us doing energy work on him, he made it through surgery easily and miraculously came home the following day. He continues to improve daily, though he is still weak.

Today, we had another snow storm in Texas. So unusual for this area, especially this time of year. I had just planted lettuce, thinking that spring had finally arrived. Thankfully I had planted them in pots and was able to bring them inside. My dog was looking longingly out the window wondering why he was getting wet when he went outside when it wasn’t raining. Tomorrow, it will be near 60 degrees again, another sign of the chaotic shifts.

What can we do to survive these chaotic energies?

Simply ride the waves. We must know that we will end up in a better place when the energies settle down. Drinking lots of water will help to conduct the energies through our bodies and assist us in adapting to the higher energies. Adding a little Sea Salt to the water will help with this also. We must listen to our bodies, resting when we are tired and eating when we feel extra hunger pangs. We need more protein at this time to help us have the extra energy we need.

Hopefully, March will go out like a lamb and the chaotic energies we have been experiencing will become calm for a change.

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Claudia McNeely, CCHt is an internationally known Clairvoyant Psychic and Master Energy Healer. She will help you to discover where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. Her Readings are insightful and accurate. Experience the 'Feelings Prayer' for yourself at http://www.AskClaudia.com/FeelingsPrayer.htm. Be sure to register for a chance to win a free Psychic Reading.