Once upon a time I was BLIND. I became blind due to brain injury by acute exposure to highly toxic fumes and vapors that filled my art studio. Someone’s idea of art entailed a neighboring installation of industrial chemicals . My brain and body were so toxed the MD’s said I’d never get better, probably get worse, and that I’d never see again. “Art” decimated me--and ART supported me and healed me.

It took me years and it was against all odds–but I overcame overwhelming brain injuries, confounded the Doctors, and not only survived–but I beat the odds, got back my good brain, my sight, and emerged victorious. I was a miracle. A Miracle of the Art of Wellness.

I’d been an Artist, a Dancer, a Storyteller all my life. I’d specialized in Empowerment, Creative Transformation,and the Art of Peak Performance. I’d practiced and taught skills handed down by Peak Performers of the ages and I’d studied and practiced what came to be known as Natural Wellness for many years--decades! When it happened to me I was developing a brand new studio-lab to teach “Transformational Arts for the Millennium.” I’ve always been a fighter--never a quitter. My personal motto’s were always things like “Never Give Up.” “Accept No Limitations.” “Make Miracles.” As a storyteller and mythologist, I’d collected and told stories about people from around the world and across the ages who’d beat the odds, worked miracles.

Now I had to beat the odds and create a miracle for myself. I couldn’t give up Art. My brain was swollen, toxed, and I was sick and having seizures. All the MD’s wanted me to do was give up, take drugs, go into a board and care. All I wanted to do was get better, get back my sight, and make art again. They kept telling me all the things I couldn’t do, I couldn’t beat the odds, and that I’d never see or be well again. I said “the heck with that…watch me.”

I didn’t get better overnight. It took Art. It took time. I went to the Braille Institute and learned talking computers. I fed my Spirit by becoming involved at one of the greatest museums of Art in the world–LA’s Getty Center–telling stories of heroes who beat the odds themselves. I challenged visitors to the Getty to really see the Art I could no longer see. I beat the odds of blindness and disability and I started a business involved with Body-Mind and Movement Arts. I sat on a Neighborhood Council Board and helped bring Dance and Art into my community even though I was still blind. And then, I beat the odds of the prognoses of permanent blindness too.

When I got back my sight–after 5 plus years blind–everyone thought I was a MIRACLE. So many people wanted a piece of the miracle, wanted me to somehow make a miracle for them too. How’d you DO it? People wanted to know. I wrote the book: Zeeva: the Art of Wellness the True Story of How Z Got Well Again and You Can Too!

Today I have new odds to beat. They’re the kind of odds that the banks-who-failed-us created for homeowners across the country, for small businesses all across the country. Today–-we ALL have these terrible odds of a bad economy to beat. We ALL have the terrible odds of a government that’s spent more than a year appeasing the so-called Health-Care system dinosaurs (the ones that that failed America’s health in the half-century they’ve controlled it) rather than doing what we-the-people elected our representatives to do: make meaningful change to provide we-the-people with the kind of Health-Care system that 36 countries healthier and happier-with-their-health-care-than-we- are have and spend far less money on that we do.

We ALL have to beat the odds of an environment we need to love better and clean up not only for the future--but so we can survive and thrive in our NOW!

I beat the odds, got my sight back and got Well Again--and I’ve stayed afloat this far. The woman once known as "the blind chick" learned how to design, manage, implement AND maintain everything I do online--my sites, my audios, my video's! I've rehabilitated an old ranch house, made it beautiful inside, and I'm creating permaculture and gardens in the high desert outside! Art takes practice and work. Watch me as I work to beat the odds of these disastrous economic times, as I practice and work to stay Well and Healthy despite the government’s ineptitude, as I practice and work to permaculture and make my small green changes as I can, as I practice and work to make MORE miracles and INSPIRE you to do the same!

The miracle that each one of us can take in hand and participate in: you, your SELF--taking hold and creating your Life–as a Work of Art--adds to the Miracle that we as a community of conscious individuals who teach and empower others to create the SelfGrowth microcosm of individual Self-Improvement to Miracle of Empowering the macrocosms of community--from town to city to country to the PLANET! Love your SELF, love your community, love your planet!
Act local, think global--we ARE the WORLD.

Author's Bio: 

Artist-Activist-Dancer-Performance Artist, Lifelong Peak Performer & Creative Peak Performance/Natural Wellness Expert, Inspirational Motivational Speaker, & author of:
Zeeva:the Art of Wellness the True Story of How Z Got Well Again and You Can Too!

Decimated by an acute toxic chemical exposure from an illegal installation of legal industrial chemicals near her studio in 1998 and given up for a "permanently blind, permanently brain-damaged, permanently disabled" goner ready for a board and care by the MD's--Z used all her skills and knowledge, learned talking computers to get more, practiced the Arts she'd spent her life learning and teaching--including what's now called a "Wellness Lifestyle," found cutting-edge Science, and got Well Again anyway.

During her blind years,as she began to get Well, she became the Getty Center's only blind docent, touring sighted visitors and challenging them to see what she could not, performed ancient Greek myths as part of a Storytelling team at the Getty, sat on the board of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council's Arts, Aesthetics, & Culture committee, opened and was Creative Director of a Body-Mind-Spirit fitness studio in LA’s Arts District, and became an online Natural Wellness personality--sharing knowledge and inspiring others. Then she got her sight back!

Today, she is creating Art again at Helicon-in-the High-Desert, writing Zeeva's FREE Wellness Weekly, & blogging on topics that range from Art & Science, Empowerment, Inspiration, Consciousness, 21st Century ChangeMakers, Staying Well, Living Well, & Being Well in the 21st Century, Beating the Odds and BEATING Brain Injuries--Naturally at http://zartofwellness.com