Do you want more abundance, success and joy in your life?

You’ve been on this self-development journey for a while now and you’re feeling a little let down.

How many books do you have to read? How many times do you need to watch ‘The Secret’ DVD? How much money do you have to spend to learn how to attract more money into your life?

And happiness….oh happiness, what happened to the promise of more happiness and joy, not to mention freedom from struggle?

It hasn’t really been working has it? All those affirmation boards, that mind movie that took hours to put together…well it was fun but nothing seems to have changed in your life, right?

You’re so tired of the struggle and it all just seems too hard right now. You might as well give up on your dreams and go back to facing the reality of working 14 hour days to pay the too many bills that are left at the end of your pay check.

Well before you sink into disappointment and despair let me share with you my secrets to success, abundance and happiness.

Through years of research, personal development and coaching my clients I have discovered that there are 7 Keys that you can use to unlock the door to your abundant, successful and joy filled life using a joyful attraction process.

By using these keys and the joyful attraction process you can give up the struggle and pain and instead easily and peacefully attract the life of your dreams.

Outlined below are the keys and an action step to help you implement the Key into your life today.

Acknowledgement – You must be willing to know yourself as the creator of your life and to know how powerful you really are.
Action Step - learn about the power of your thoughts and how to best utilize your thoughts to attract the life of your dreams.

Forgiveness – You must learn to forgive yourself and any who have harmed you in any way. Forgive and forget means to give of your energy as you gave before any incident of hurt occurred.
Action Step -instead of holding onto a grudge from a perceived hurt of many years ago, decide today to give it up. If it was another person that hurt you and your friendship hasn’t been the same since the incident, today remember how your friendship was before and bring those elements back into the relationship

Appreciation – You must be able to appreciate your life as it is right now and understand that by appreciating what is your current reality (the good, the bad and the downright ugly) you attract more things to appreciate.
Action Step - every time you spend a dollar purchasing something today, thank that dollar for it’s time with you, feel true appreciation for that dollar and its ability to be exchanged for an item you want.

Love – You must share unconditional love with all others and allow your heart to awaken to new levels of spiritual awareness.
Action Step - as you walk down the street today make a point to smile at each and every person, even the ones who look homeless and bereft, look them in the eye and smile.

Peace – You must be willing to let go of the drama in your life and learn to be quiet and content.
Action Step - take a moment today to sit quietly in nature and observe the peace with which trees and plants grow, the peace with which a bird flies through the sky, the peace with which water bubbles along a brook

Contribution – You must give a portion of your energy to others. Energy can be money, time, love or anything.
Action Step - give away 10 minutes of your time today to help someone who is more in need of it than you.

Connection – You must learn to connect with, communicate with and trust your inner superhero or your higher self, your intuition, your Source, your God (whichever you call it).
Action Step - Meditate or pray to your chosen God

Take the first action steps today, build on them every day and very soon you will be easily, peacefully and joyfully attracting a life of abundance, success and happiness.

Author's Bio: 

Anne Aleckson is a life coach & energy worker, author, speaker and radio show host at Anne’s 21 days of JOY! project based on the 7 Keys is helping many people to experience more peace, joy, success and abundance in their daily lives. Visit Anne at