Today, as has been the norm throughout history, mankind has placed such importance in the way we are physically accepted by others. People's physical aspects such as body shape, hair, eyes, etc. have become paramount in their existence and acceptance on Earth. All of this wasted energy knowing physicality has such a short life and is meaningless in relation to the Universe.

The world is an ever changing phenomena, possessing a life of its own. As such it has both positive and negative effects. The positive aspects due to technological advances in communications has allowed society can visit any point on the Earth and unthought of just years ago, journey through the Universe. Such programs such as Facebook and Twitter along with a multitude of social and news media has allowed people to tap into and contribute to the noise of the planet. While informative and enlightening, the information highway has proven to be a great distraction to the spiritually of mankind. I created "The You" as a self-help Program to provide people a connection to their inner self and a better understanding of their spiritual Essence.

Through research and practical application I have determined a center point I have named and refer to as "The You". Simply, The You is located in the deepest point of the sub-conscience mind and acts as a filter or barrier between previous life cycles and the current life to death cycle. "The You" provides a protection barrier against previous life cycle experiences such as love, family, personal accomplishments and failures. The Good Lord in his wisdom desires man to enter a life cycle with a clean slate, free for self-determination and spiritual growth.
As discussed above most are too distracted by noise and disconnect to listen and discern the information provided by "The You". This disconnect I believe provides for troubles, misdirection and discontentment in people's lives. "The You" once accessed can provide insights into objectives and reasons individuals are in their current life cycle.

Yes, when I reference life cycle I am in fact referring to that controversial word "reincarnation". I do believe in reincarnation and I also strongly believe in GOD. I have no conflict between the two and further believe in His wisdom, multiple life cycles were intended for a particular reason. Simply, the attainment of total enlightenment allowing movement to a higher plane of existence. As creator, GOD understands man better than anyone and created the framework to provide a process allowing for the both attainment of Total Enlightenment and atonement for transgressions. I have reasoned man does not have the ability to attain Total Enlightenment in one life cycle but can over a indeterminate number of life cycles has the opportunity to achieve what GOD intended.

I believe the Spirit also referred to here as the Essence is created by GOD. The Essence is that which strives for Total Enlightenment in the eyes of GOD. As such, it is a continued journey until attainment rather than a one way trip based on little to nothing in the scheme of time itself. In GOD's wisdom I believe Man was never expected to nor intended to attain total knowledge and experience in one life cycle. Nor have I believed total enlightenment could be achieved based on a life cycle of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks or years. I believe GOD designed a program not so much allowing for self-determination but demanding it. He understands making mistakes and gaining knowledge were part of both the total experience and spiritual growth.

"The YOU" and What It is.

"The You" exists deep in the far-edge of your sub-conscience. First as a filter, The You separates your conscience and sub-conscience from what I refer to as your ESSENCE. The Essence is the you, the total, GOD created spiritual being and provides much like a depository a place for one's life cycle experiences and spiritual attainments. The Essence along with your conscience and sub-conscience form what is you in the Spirit. For a better understanding, image a pyramid built of countless various sized blocks representing one's experiences, learning's and spiritual accomplishments garnered over different life cycles. Whereas missing blocks would be spiritual accomplishments and experience not yet achieved. and sins, unrepentant wrongs against fellow life cyclers requiring atonement and redemption to be worked on and achieved in future life cycles.

The You, also holds pertinent information why you as a person exists today. You are here for a reason and are on a mission. Your mission is to accomplish those things which is missing from your Pyramid. One of these may be atonement for previous life cycle misdeeds. I contend "The You" allows people experiencing troubles in their current lifecycle, have phobias and appear to be misdirected to seek answers to their current dilemmas and be directed back to those reasons they are in their current life cycle. The pathway to The You is through practiced and directed meditation and in some situations, hypnosis by trained hypnotists.

The Case for Reincarnation, Religion and "The You"

While reincarnation has been a stalwart of many old world religions, especially in eastern culture, it has been vilified by most western Christian based religions. The notion man could lead a non-virtuous lifestyle yet be given future opportunities to atone for such actions has always existed as major hurdle for acceptance by religion. We do know the concept of reincarnation has been around since organized religion and mentioned in both eastern and western theological discussions. I contend if religious research was discussed in a open and honest format, reincarnation would become much more accepted process. With this said, I believe one would find a commonality between most religions as to a Supreme Being and what is right and wrong. I am not a Religious Theologian and not a lawyer either, but I do have a insight given to me by a higher power and provides for people to better understand their physical lives, the spiritual essence and the process to total enlightenment with GOD.

Our physical existence uses our conscience and sub-conscience to experience and attain spiritual qualities. On the other side of the spiritual spectrum, past "The You" we find our previous life cycle information located at the higher levels of our Essence. The information found here are our experiences, both positive and negative garnered from our past reincarnations, or life cycles. Through hypnosis we are able to retrieve and re-experience events. Further found but appear inaccessible are those enlightenment blocks we referenced previously. While reincarnation researchers through deep hypnosis can document people's birth and death experiences, locations and people, nothing appears be related to those spiritual enlightenment pyramid blocks. There is a limit and that limit I believe is GOD intended.

I consider hypnosis as controlled deep meditation and is a valuable tool and asset. I personally believe however, accessing previous life cycles is a double edge sword. On the positive side, we can assert why people have phobias, debilitating fears and physical abnormalities. The process of hypnosis , has been practiced by highly trained researchers, Doctors and others such as the renowned Edgar Cayce. On the other side, some have abused the process and brought distain. Reincarnation research should only be conducted by hypnotists with experience and a belief that once "Pandora's Box" has been opened, they have a responsibility to address those issues found and assist in solving them. Too many times I have talked to people who have been left with unaddressable issues. Reincarnation research should be taken serious and clients given every opportunity to positively benefit from the experience.

In conclusion, and I discuss this further on our website, your religious beliefs may preclude you from considering meditation and hypnosis in search for answers pertaining to spiritually. However, if you are experiencing problems in your life and have not found answers elsewhere, consideration should be given to "The You" and the various alternative methods available. Times and attitudes have evolved and people are finding the spirit is not as simple as previously thought but understanding the various aspects and why they exist do. Knowing these aspects and how to utilize them to your advantage can make a significant difference in your current life cycle. Your here for a purpose, it would be nice to know why and make those adjustments required to get back you back on the intended highway.

W. Richard Hoffman

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Valerie and William Hoffman are from the Dayton area and have recently formed the Dayton Spiritually Group. They also own WRHoffman and Associates LLC and offer enhanced Life Coaching and Spiritual growth, awareness and Spiritual healing. They have developed a theological program known as "The You". "The You" is utilized under mediation exploring one's purpose in their current life cycle. The You is utilized as a directed self-help Spiritually program. They also utilize hypnosis for the purpose of reincarnation research for the purposes of identifying past life issues and finding solutions in the present life cycle. Valerie is the Organizer for the Dayton Down to Earth Spiritual Group with 365 members and the largest such group in Ohio. William is a theological researcher and Physic for World event forecasting.