As the son of an artist, I’ve always marveled at those who possess artistic skills. The ability to take an idea, a block of marble, or a brush and canvas, and convert it into a work of art, truly amazes me. I appreciate all forms of art, whether it be centuries old or still-drying paint, for that matter.

That being said, I’m not sure I really “get” all of the displays in the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art – for example. While I don’t necessarily grasp the message of the 12 x 12 canvas painted in white, I can still appreciate the motivation of the artist.

She had a vision.

She knew what she wanted to convey.

It didn’t concern her whether I would “get it” or not.

Most of the artists I know don’t practice their craft for riches or fame, but out of their LOVE for what they do. In speaking with my artist friends about their latest projects, I can relate their creative process to a microcosm of life.

Without exception, they’re all passionate. Albeit cliché, it’s apparent that each artist really does put a piece of themselves into their craft. It’s not just a painting or a scene in a play; it’s an extension of themselves. They struggle to achieve their vision. They make mistakes and trash their work and start again - frustrated. They find inspiration and motivation within themselves and in the world around them. And, through dedication and perseverance, they overcome both internal and external obstacles, complete their task, and reveal it to the public.

Now, I may not know which end of the paint brush I’m supposed to use, but I’m certain that I’m an artist. We all are. Our art may not ever hang in The Louvre and we may never sing at Carnegie Hall, but what we do and how we live every day, is our art. How we present ourselves is our brush. The world is our canvas.

Life is art. At this moment, it’s a blank canvas, a lump of clay, and the seed of an idea. Your words, your perspective, and how you ‘show up’ and paint your world, will determine how purposeful and impactful you’ll be – and how others respond to you, in turn.

Since we’re all artists with unlimited talents and gifts, consider what you can do to make your life’s canvas a true reflection of you. What brush strokes inspire you and others? How are you creating “art” that moves people, so much so, that they’re driven to emulate it?

Live on fire!

D. Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Author's Bio: 

Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP, is President & CEO of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), provider of the most comprehensive and experiential coach-training program in the world and originator of the Core Energy Coaching™ process. Since 2005, Luke and his team graduated more than 5,000 coaches and Coach Centric™ leaders across multiple platforms – top Fortune 500 execs, entrepreneurs, non-profit founders and educational leaders, and pro athletes. Luke has an avid interest in human potential, engagement and performance. Through coaching sessions with hundreds of clients as well as varied research projects, he seeks out the common threads that produce exceptional individual and team successes. His drive to learn these insights comes from being a dad to two fun-loving children and teaching them to live fully. In fact, Luke’s personal credo, “Live (and lead) on fire!” is omnipresent in everything he does!