Control the smart LED TV with your voice

If you want to change the TV channel you are watching but don’t want to get up from your couch and even not feeling like to stretch your arm and press the button to change the channel then what option you are left with, but to keep watching the same channel and wishing that your voice had power, the power to change the channel. Well, now you don’t have to wish for it, as the technology has made it possible for you. Yes! The amazing feature of “Voice Control” through which you can change the TV channel is instilled in all the latest smart LED TVs. The voice control feature has given power to your voice, all you have to do is just take the name of the show you want to watch on Netflix, YouTube, prime video or any other channel, and the show will be displayed on the screen, adding in your joy and comfort, leaving you feel like some magician.

The desire to easily access global entertainment addressed and fulfilled

As, the idea of entertainment is changed all over the world with international streaming engines. People like to watch global content for their amusement. Many of the people desire for easy access of these streaming engines and wish their TV had LED TV online feature, which could enable them to watch international shows with ease. Well, there is a good news for all such people, as the latest smart LED TVs are induced with LED TV online feature, as in they come with certified versions of Netflix, YouTube and prime video which run smoothly on the smart LED TV stretching the boundaries of entertainment for you.

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Wish that smart LED TV could easily connect with external gadgets

The gamer community in particular have to connect
multiple devices like joysticks, tablets, mobile phones and few others while playing game on the smart LED TV. They wish for easy connectivity of external devices without attaching an external chromecast device. Well, their prayers are answered and today we have smart LED TVs which have built-in chromecast, wow! What a moment of joy for all of the gamers out there, as they can directly connect such devices with the smart LED TV without any hassle. Apart from built-in chromecast the smart LED TV also has built-in Bluetooth, which can be connected with 5 devices at one time. The built-in satellite receiver and digital tuner catch all local frequencies and display them in best results. Hence giving the TV watchers an impeccable experience.

Multynet fulfills all the wishes of TV watchers

Multynet fulfilled the wish list of all the TV watchers with its latest smart LED TV series, with the names of SU7, NX7 and QA7. The smart LED TV price is so reasonable that people can afford them without derailing from their budget. The brand also facilitates the customers with LED TV online shopping as they have an actively running e-commerce store, where ranges of all their best LED TVs are displayed. Just visit their website and have the best LED TV in Pakistan delivered to you shortly.

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