Studies say over 70% of all workers in their jobs are on the wrong jobs, leading to frustration, poverty and early death. In addition, 8 out of every 10-bank worker in across the world, when interviewed, said they are on the wrong job. They want to quit and do something else. They said God did not create them to live a caged life, confinement to cubicles. Many employees, company executives, and leaders of reputable organizations are consumed by restlessness, fatigue and confusion caused by not knowing the right business to invest in. They asked themselves quizzically: “What would be our fate, when retirement, redundancy or sack knocks suddenly at our doors?”

Teenagers are confused about what career to choose. Candidates seeking admission into higher institutions are more perplexed because of the danger of choosing careers that do not match their destiny or what God designed them to do so as to fulfill their life purpose.

Parents selfishly or unwisely influence the choice of career for their children due to myopic reasoning, with their children left to suffer from such evil decisions in the near future.

Unemployment abounds everywhere. Most of the unemployed remains in that hopeless condition because, when opportunity to be self-reliant come their way, they invest the hard earn resources on business which God did not endorse before they were born. So they become victims of wrong choice of business and wrong destiny.

High-income earners across the world are not spared in the inferno. They Keep biting their fingers as they continue to loose ridiculously large sums of money to fitness centers operators because of their ever increasing stress level and hypertension, which are caused by living a depressed life unfriendly to their destiny. This denies them inner peace and job satisfaction. They keep working in an environment where their hearts are telling them to leave, and begin what God wired them to do.

Of course, the word ‘JOB’ is a misnomer. It is an English word. It is alien to man creation, and so, it is not found in the Bible. It is devil that brought the concept of ‘cutting job’ to mankind. People are living on jobs rather than work. By divine order, God expects man to locate his niche and work, not to cut jobs, not to be prostituting on jobs for life. Life problems are real. But most of the problems are connected to people not knowing their destiny. The solution to this agonizing upheaval is simple. People must stop a life of putting square pegs in round holes, a life of trial by error.

They should learn to live their life by design and not by default. The right thing must be done first. People have to, of necessity; go on the first journey needed for them to live a blessed life. I call this: ’the journey of discovering whom you are, whom God made you to be, your make - up, and your 'shape’. This becomes mandatory for you, so as to avoid using your ego to navigate through life and do that wrong thing called ‘job’. Many workers are sad when dressing up for work in the morning. This ought not to be. Every Friday, workers will say, “Thank God, it's Friday” This is because they are working without their heart in it. God prepared you for the work you will love, not that one that makes you feel like a goat being taken to the slaughter.

Honestly speaking, problems faced by those who failed to discover their destiny are avoidable. Every man on the surface of the earth has a destiny, work, career or mission to fulfill on earth. God created every man because of a particular problem He foreknew in the generation He sent him to, which He has equipped him beforehand, to handle efficiently. To this end, every man has a garden of all sufficiency, similar to the Garden of Eden, which God expect him to simply dress and keep without sweat.

So, God created you to be leader in your own garden, a place where when you talk, heaven will command people to hear you, even presidents of nations will be compelled to listen to you. This is God’s plan for you, which is embedded in a mystery called Destiny.

Your destiny is a mystery because when Christ spoke to the spirit that resulted in your DNA you were not there. So unless you choose to be wise by the Spirit of God, and use appropriate tools to discover your destiny, you will just be running other people’s destiny and continue to weep all night. Maybe you forgot that God created you to have dominion, how come you are now under dominion. God forbid! The devil is a liar and must be exposed concerning your destiny once and for all today! God predestined you and called you for a purpose, therefore, you are destined to shine.

The greatness of a man is measured by the magnitude of his star at childbirth. God signaled the birth of Jesus to the wise men through a special star. The star was so glorious and spectacular that it led the wise men to where Jesus was. And what did the wise men do when they got to Jesus? They blessed Him with their substance, in accordance with what God said in His word, “the gift of a man makes way for him”. The wise men did this because they knew that the little Jesus was a gift from God. So they had to bless Jesus before Jesus will be physically mature enough to recompense them.

Beloved, until you know who you are, the door to real success will not be open unto you. Just being wealthy is not success. Success is doing what God designed you to do.
Joseph said:

“Behold the sun and the moon and the star bowed down to me”. The prayer of a good father is that God should prosper his children more than him. That was why Solomon’s blessing was so great. So Joseph knew how mighty God designed him to be, of course, his star was mightier and more radiant than all the members of his family put together.

Your blessings will come through your gift. Joseph was blessed through his gift. Therefore, to become who God designed you to be or who God made you to be; you must discover your divine destiny. You are 'human be' not 'human do'. God made you to matter. Now, ask yourself: What is God’s will and plan for me?

God wants you to live happily on earth and in eternity. He wants you to enjoy His will on earth as in heaven. He wants you to prosper beyond measure and have inner peace. He has given you a future - a bright future wrapped up in your destiny, which He has given you the grace to discover in detail using proven tools of discovery.

Rise to your destiny and deliver yourself. Prayer has its own part to play, but nobody will play your own part of discovering your destiny for you. We are in the era of ‘do-it-yourself’. Those you depend on, their hands are full. They may not give you enough attention.

You’ve got to navigate yourself into success and significance through discovering your make up and divine assignment. Through this singular act, you’ll become a candidate for extraordinary breakthroughs, great career, wonderful investment, great satisfaction, good health, and fulfillment.

Author's Bio: 

Moses A. Ojute, author of the best-selling book, "How to discover your divine destiny and total breakthroughs" is a Destiny Mentor, Business and Wellness coach, Counselor, International Speaker and author of twelve remarkable books. He has a divine mandate to help individuals all over the world discover their divine destiny, right business and wellness, secret of writing many books and self-publish, having got in-depth revelation concerning the mystery of destiny and the wisdom to explain the riddles of job and work.

His first book, "How to discover your divine destiny and total breakthroughs" specially written as a resource material for holding Discovering Destiny Seminars and Workshop across the world has being adjudged to rank among the best in the field of destiny discovery and mentoring.

He teaches compassion as his unique subject, which covers areas such as healing, teaching, deliverance, feeding, prayer intercession, forgiveness, and helping the wounded neighbour.

He has Bachelor and Master's degrees in Mining Engineering and Mines Environment respectively at the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. He worked thereafter for 20 years in the Oil and Gas industry as Oil Field Engineer, within which God conscripted him into his divine assignment of mining men rather than minerals. After initial reluctance, he then entered into full-time ministry by attending Word of faith Bible Institute, and later had pastoral coaching and purpose driven church modeling with a seasoned man of God and had several years of internship before receiving his life vision and beginning a life of significance.

His first book, "How to discover your divine destiny and total breakthroughs" specially written as a resource material for holding Discovering Destiny Seminars and Workshop across the world has being adjudged to rank among the best in the field of destiny discovery and mentoring.

All his books are special. On healing, he published two books. One of them, "21 keys to miracle in helpless situation: how to pray when you can't pray" proffer alternatives to prayer, by revealing hidden things that one can do to get desired miracles and live a happy life.

Moses also delves into how truly a man can enjoy life on earth and triumph in eternity. His complete work on all that will qualify a man to live happily on earth and make heaven consists of four books in a series called "fulfilled life".

The first book in the series is How to make heaven: eliminating caricature, making the part straight. The second book in the series is: How to break the yoke of life. The third book in the series is: Church without God: how to exploit the truth and purge yourself in the faith. And lastly, the fourth book in the series is Living beyond yourself: how to navigate into success and significance.

Moses has a lot to contribute to this generation and oncoming ones. This is because his writings are prophetic and cuts across biblical justice, leadership, divine assignment, success, power and interventions.