The voice that says “YES, this is the right decision”, “No, let’s pass on this”, or even “Hmm, let’s mull this over a bit.” In each instance your voice within advises you to take action, even if it is in-action. But do you really listen to it, or do you scoff at the idea that you actually pay attention to your inner voice?

That voice is intuition. Your intuition is your guide, the one thing that you can truly count on that is always looking out for your best interest … if you choose to listen for it, not intercept the message, and ACT on its direction.

But it’s very easy to let your voice of intuition be clouded by other things. Fear, desire, self-doubt, and over-reasoning are all some of the many types of intuition blockers. Instead, trust that your intuition is your personal guide to the correct path for you at all times. Not just when your intuition falls in line with your thoughts on a subject. Turn off whatever limiting beliefs that may be overpowering your intuition.

Perhaps it’s your belief that intuition is just “mumbo jumbo”. It is easy to believe this because intuition is not thought of as a concrete thing. It is based on nonverbal things, feelings, unconscious thought, and instinct. This is definitely not a description for people who define things in black and white. Intuition is often looked at as gray. But it is not. Intuition is basically a synopsis of information that has been taken in through all of the senses, memory, subconscious, and reasoning. It is like a clear overview in Cliff Notes’ format.

When your intuition speaks to you do you hear it? Do you know how to identify it? Your intuition typically kicks in when you are quiet. Many people find answers to their questions in the dreams, or when meditating. Others find them “out of the blue”, when they are not looking for them. Many “feel” the right thing to do, or what the next course of action should be. There are many ways that your intuition will speak to you, and everyone’s is unique.

How does one learn to trust their intuition? Like everything else, if it is practiced it becomes second nature. Allow yourself to consciously ask for the answers to something that you are seeking and write down the results when they occur. Visualize you unlocking a door and seeing your answer tumble from within.

Through repetition and proof, your confidence in your intuition will grow and it will become second nature to trust it automatically.

Author's Bio: 

Eva Gregory, is America’s Divine Guidance coach, speaker, author, and conscious channel. Regularly featured on radio and in the media, Eva is a recognized authority on the Law of Attraction. Her latest book “Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction” co-authored with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup fame, and one of the featured teachers in “The Secret” can be found in bookstores. In her work, Eva brings through her loving, non-physical guides known as Theos. Want to know more? Please accept her complimentary audio recording, “How to Connect with Your Own Divine Guidance and Get Answers Now!”