People love to decorate their house and make it look beautiful and more welcoming to their friends and guests. Home décor plays a vital role not only for homeowners to make their house more attractive and functional but also leaving a good impression on people who come inside the house. Home is not only accommodation but a place that you love to come to after work every day. A clean and well-organized home will automatically improve your mood if you had a rough day. The comfort of your family and guests also depends on the way you have decorated your house and placed things.
People love to plan parties and gatherings at their house and spend time with their family and friends while having delicious food and pleasant conversations. The aspects of home décor include
• Choosing a theme
The first and foremost step, whether you want to decorate the house on your own or hire professional services is to know whether the design of the house would accommodate your lifestyle and preferences. The planning process is very crucial, and you make a list of things which can be repaired and renovated and things which are sure to be replaced. The final look you want to give to your house depends on the type of theme you chose. You can choose one particular theme which will be represented in the entire house, including all the rooms, or you can pick one theme in the main lounge and sitting area and give contrasting styles in the rooms. The three basic styles include formal, traditional, and contemporary. The variety and contrast usually maintain the balance and does not give a monotonous impression on the viewer. You should keep the contrast in mind while repeating color, pattern, and texture.
• Layout design
The floor plan and layout of the house will determine how functional the home will be if all the decorations are in place. Many people spend considerable time in the house, so comfort and convenience are always a priority. You should utilize the space efficiently if you have either maximum or minimum space in the house.
• Color and lightning
The most important aspect of home décor is color. The color of your interior walls, ceilings, and corridors have a direct impact on the kind of decorations and furnishings you want to add to the house. Color along with lightning are two aspects that can your home look quite spectacular. The amazing hue and shades affect the light, color, and decorations can make your home quite beautiful. You should consider the effect of both the natural and artificial light when decorating your home
• Furniture and home accessories
The home decoration items include a wide list of several items such as furniture, lighting fixtures, paintings, vases, candles and fragrances, wallpaper, small novelty items, clocks, bookshelves, cabinets, cushions, craft products, curtains, carpets, rugs, ban bags, and plants. Furniture alone is a wide category and includes a variety of sofa sets, chairs, tables, recliners, swivels, futon, and settee.
Traditionally people used to follow a tried and tested plan while decorating their house with few minor changes. But today, with the advent of technology and sophisticated list of products available, people are trying to blend to old styles with new exquisite designs and products. Home décor is a major activity of every house, and certain companies are providing Innovative home decor products to homeowners who want to give their house a unique look and also maintain the comfort and functionality of the home. The home décor products reflect the taste of the homeowner and deliver a particular ambiance in the surroundings where they are placed. The home décor products vary according to your personal preference and also on the size and space of your home. One important factor while planning and deciding to décor your house is the amount of the furnishings you want in your house. The décor products made from precious materials and elaborate designs usually cost more while there are many affordable decorative products as well, which you could buy. There is wide assortment of home décor products that are specifically designed to be placed in particular rooms of the house such as living room, bedroom, dining room, and even kitchen. The décor products are also available in different materials such as wood, glass, fiber, and wide range of different metals. The list of innovative décor products that can give your house a fantastic look is
 Trays
People may think that big decoration item such as sofa sets and chairs may make your house beautiful, but you have to think about the little touches as well. A tray may seem like an ordinary accessory, but modern and sleek design trays are not only functional but can enhance beauty of the room. A tray can serve as a small place to keep your keys and calendar, and big trays can serve to hold vases and photos.
 Vases
Vases have always been an essential décor product. Today there is variety of vase available in numerous sizes, shapes, and designs. Vases are inexpensive, and you can keep natural colorful flowers and even stylishly designed artificial flowers
 Throw pillows, throw blankets and cushions
Traditionally sofas were meant to give maximum comfort, and with time people added cushions to increase the comfort level. Today throw pillows and throw blankets are very popular, and the best thing is that the throw pillow covers are available in many exquisite designs that blend beautifully with your furnishings. The throw pillows are another affordable way to add certain color and pattern to your décor which you could alternate with changing seasons.
 Candles
The candlesticks and candles are another small but mandatory décor detail that you should include. The candles lit at night, particularly give a romantic and cozy feeling.
 Plants and flowers
The natural flowers and plants require constant care, and if you are busy you can buy artificial flowers and plants which look stunning from a distance and even sometimes feel like real.
 Mirrors
Mirrors may not attract many people, but with the right space, lighting, and furnishings, a mirror can uplift the looks of your house. Mirrors can be hung in any place on the wall. The rustic and luxe frames are the best, and mirrors reflect light so can easily brighten the room.
 Table and floor lamps
The lighting fixtures along with a table and floor lamps are key in ensuring a particular style and ambiance in your house. The best thing is that you do not need to buy a matching table or sofa to go along with the lamps.

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