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According to the latest research published by Scripps Research Institute, the flu vaccine is worthless.

According to the study, the production method of the vaccine is nearly useless. It causes viral strains to mutate into non-effective structures that makes them unable to protect you. At one point in time, an influenza vaccine may have been somewhat useful. The study explains, however, that its effectiveness has steadily declined over the recent years due to the mutation caused by the egg-based vaccine production process. Despite this, when flu shots appear to be ineffective, some doctors recommend getting vaccinated twice. News flash: the flu shot won’t work better even if you get it multiple times. The first commercial flu vaccine was developed and approved over 70 years ago and is being pushed more and more on the population in recent years. In those recent years, the vaccine has shown a particularly low rate of effectiveness.

Denying the failure to protect you, the vaccine industry still pushes you to get vaccinated claiming that all vaccines work all the time, on all people and they cause no risk but are safe for everyone.

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