Many farmers have adopted the use of hydroponics for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables. This practice has become even more popular in the UK, Europe, and many parts of the US. It is a system of using grow lights to help the plants thrive indoors. There is a rising number of grow light distributors who have established a presence in the areas where hydroponics has been adapted to grow plants. To meet the needs of the customers, these companies have stocked the best brands of fans, filters, and equipment for hydroponics which are available in wholesale and retail.

The hydroponics system has many important components one of which is the grow lighting. The intensity of light generated determines how well the plant will thrive. In the market, grow lights of 600w are most usually sold and available for users in the UK. Other products include the ceramic metal halide lighting which is 315w. It is as good as the 600w hps grow lights. Common brands that can be found in the market include Phillips & Osram, and Omega lighting.

The production process also includes manufacturing the nutrients that aid the development of the plant. The nutrients, in this case, are the NPK grade fertilizers that can make the plants thrive. The nutrients are sold under the brand name Cyco, an Australian brand. Other nutrient products available in the market include the yummy yield and heavy harvest brands.

In this industry, the need for trimmers cannot be overlooked, says Janet Decker. There are Canadian made trimmers in the market such as the Twister Trimmer T2 T4 and T6 models. Products can be ordered from the UK and delivered to locations in France and Germany. Customers from all over the world can also conveniently place orders online and receive their shipments in a short time.

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