I've received so many requests for advice from women who are desperate because their men either broke up with them or became more and more distant and less willing to keep in touch or show affection.

I can relate to that. I have had my share of similar experience in my 20's when a man whom I was so attracted to and who was so hot in pursuing me became cold when I showed too much eagerness. And the more I tried to prove myself to him, the more distant he was. Finally, I never heard from him again. And it took me 2 years to get over him for a few weeks of intense fling we had.

Stupid me, I know. But I was young and naive then. I thought a man thought the way I/women did. And then I met my ex whom I was so physically attracted to, the type of man most (feminine) women were falling for. Don't ask me how difficult it was to get him to commit.

And he was just so typical a man who would go into his cave for days without returning my calls. I was at the time just over a 9 year relationship with a beta male: a man who was more in touch with his feminine side (not an alpha male like my ex) and I was ignorant of what "real" men were like. I expected him to be as easy and loving/nurturing as my beta ex with whom I never had to do anything for attention and affection because he was always available to me all the time.

And when he wasn't anything like my ex, I didn't understand that and my skewed expectation basically created a huge problem for myself and, then, our relationship.

It was then. I'm much different now after what happened the last 2 years. I learnt a lot and have a much better understanding of the male psychology and what makes them attracted to women.

Today I know exactly what makes a man tick. What makes them go crazy over you and want to claim and commit to you. I've figured out the secret...

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So in that way, it's been a blessing in disguise.

Ladies, men are attracted to our feminine charm, that goes without saying. They love the way we feel upon touch, smell, speak, act, dress....but they can't relate to our emotional habits, not in the way we naturally sense with one another.

They weren't brought up that way and their genetic make-ups are not so much for cuddling and cooing, but for bringing home food and protecting their families. Emoting isn't high in their priority. So when we are launching so much emotional charge, they become uncomfortable and will look for a shield to protect themselves.

That doesn't mean we can't open up, ever. We just need to look at the right time and place and be more tactful in how we express ourselves. And we shouldn't expect the kind of ways our girl friends will respond with because men were brought up to find solutions to a problem. So he often would not just listen and empathize with us but he would try to "fix us" by giving advice on what to do which usually makes us feel worse.

For them it doesn't make sense to just be with us in our sorrow without trying to find a solution to improve the situation. They might try when we tell them what works for us but in general they won't be as comforting or "supportive" as we would expect them to be. Worse still, they might ask cluelessly, "So what do you want me to do?"

Men show their love not through words but action. They think they need to do something to show us they care. Being romantic/emphatic isn't so much of doing anything. It's not tangible enough. They are not the creatures of the "abstract" like us.

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