A Basic History of Sanpellegrino sparkling water

The Sanpellegrino flavors of sparkling water, today is famous world over. It is known for its unique taste and a long history that dates back to the year 1932. It has now become a status symbol that is exported to the entire world from Italy. What sets the Sanpellegrino flavors apart from the sparkling waters that are now available in the market is, its refreshingly light sugar content and the intense aroma of real fruit juice added into the concoction. It actually brings one back to Italy, and the freshness of its fruity flavors that can remind one of Italy, and their time spent in Italy.

Sanpellegrino sparkling water

What is Sparkling Water?

Even before trying out a recipe made using the Sanpellegrino blood orange sparkling water, let's first understand what exactly sparkling water is. Sparkling water essentially is just regular water that is combined with carbon dioxide, in order to form its bubbly sensation that one feels while drinking. This bubbliness that's induced inside sparkling waters makes the drink a bit more refreshing and actually fun to consume. Yes, sparkling water is actually carbonated water, quite similar to soda, without the extra sugar and chemicals.

Generally, sparkling waters come in varying degrees of fizziness. They also depend on the difference in manufacturers. Sparkling water can even be home-produced using many consumer-grade kitchen tools and devices.

San Pellegrino Italian sparkling waters are made using real fruit juice infused with sugar derived from cane and other natural flavors that creates a delicious tasting drink for everyday consumption. They are best consumed on hot summer days that are approaching soon, or best kept to use office pantries and break rooms, reception areas, hospital canteens etc.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Sparkling Water?

We've seen that sparkling drinks are fun to consume but do we know of any benefits they might add into one's life after consumption?

Some of the benefits of consuming sparkling water infused with flavors and fruit juices are best for weight management purposes. But they also give an increased level of energy to the consumer, flush out all unwanted toxins from the body, and give a quick boost to one's immune system. If you can make drinking water fun to consume, then more people will readily consume it, improving the condition of one's skin, leaving it looking glowing and hydrated.

These fruit juice- infused sparkling waters offer one a plethora of nutrients of the particular fruit in question. They are way better to consume than other high-sugar content containing items such as pop soda, which not only affect one's health adversely, causing diseases such as diabetes, and even corrode teeth of those constantly consuming such drinks.

Some studies have shown that consuming sparkling water only minimally affects the condition of one's teeth compared to regular water. It is highly recommended that if you know someone who may be addicted to such carbonated drinks that aren't healthy, the best thing you could do for them is, get them to try these Sanpellegrino sparkling water drinks, and they might just enjoy the refreshing taste of these drinks far more than sugary ones.

Speaking of refreshing drinks, here's a recipe you can try.

Sparkling Raspberry Blood Orange Soda

Ingredients Required:

Instructions for Recipe:

  • Firstly, in a microwave-safe container, microwave the frozen raspberries to thaw them, add water and date syrup as well.

  • Keep heating this mixture until the raspberries break down to form a sauce texture.

  • You could do the above step over the flame as well if you don't own a microwave oven.

  • In a blender, thoroughly combine the mixture.

  • Now, using a fine perforated sieve, press down the raspberry mixture, straining out the seeds from the juice, and you may store it in the fridge.

  • Take a glass jar, mix about 1-3 tbsps of raspberry syrup.

  • Next, fill the glass with ice cubes.

  • Pour about the cups of Sanpellegrino blood orange sparkling water into the same jar and stir well.

  • Throw in a couple of mint leaves.

You are now ready to devour the best kept italian summer secret recipe that is best enjoyed after a long day’s work winding down in your bath, or sitting on the balcony of the amalfi coast home, or even spending time with friends and family. Try this recipe and the health benefits they hold.

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