Impeccably pairing your outfits to your handbag may seem like a daunting tiresome task. Well, it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to purchase every handbag that there is in the market to look stylish every time you go out. Sometimes simple is great. The key to immaculate dressing is ensuring you have a few statement handbags that can go well with several outfits. At this age and time, getting quality designer bags is just at the click of a button. For instance, if you fancy a refined handbag from Coach, simply browse Coach Outlet online to have it delivered right at the comfort of your home. Below are 3 must-adhere aspects that can assist a rookie to look like a snazzy dresser;

The key element to matching your outfits to your handbags is how you coordinate them. Take time to plan your outfits. Good organization will help you look dressed all the time. Take heed not to be too matching-matching. A bright yellow suit should never go with a yellow handbag. There are 3 factors that you need to get right for you to master the art of coordination;
Color: when matching your handbag to your outfit, make sure the colors are slightly different. Let the handbag be slightly lighter so as not to get swallowed by your outfit.

MATERIAL: it’s a crime to match the same material of your handbag to your outfit. You cannot adorn a silk dress and pair it up with a shiny synthetic leather bag. The overall picture will look hideous and unflattering.

PATTERN: patterns are great especially for the lady who is looking to make heads turn. For instance, the little black dress worn with a quality leopard print handbag will make you look like a million bucks. Just make sure it’s not leopard on leopard as this will be too much of a jungle look.

Just as you wear your outfits depending on your body shape, so should your handbags. This helps counterbalance the features of your body. Use your handbag to highlight the features that you like best. Ladies with pear-shaped bodies are known to carry most of their weight on the hip region hence hip-length handbags would be most ideal. This focuses anyone’s attention to the slim middle section of your body. Same goes to curvaceous ladies who should pair their outfits with long slim bags to make them appear slimmer and taller.

Ladies with petite figures need not wear huge handbags that will drown the outfit. Small cross bags are best to put more emphasis on the person. Busty women should stay clear of saddlebags that will only draw unnecessary attention to the cleavage. Ladies who are taller in nature should choose rounded and mostly over-sized bags to counterbalance their physique.

In a fashionista’s handbook, ‘Image is everything.’ Regardless of the day or time, always dress to suit the occasion. The office wear calls for formal dressing and the same applies to the handbag. A structured quality tote handbag would look incredible with some high-waist pants or skirts. This would be the opposite if you are dressing for a night out or a gala dinner. A small shimmery clutch fit for just a few essentials would be ideal for such kind of setup. Pick a large hobo bag or a basket handbag to run some errands around town or go out shopping. Large bags create a more laid-back look as well as match your casual outfit.

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In a fashionista’s handbook, ‘Image is everything.’ Regardless of the day or time, always dress to suit the occasion.