Men’s dinner jackets, commonly known as tuxedos, are a timeless classic that portrays elegance and sophistication. This formal attire has been worn by men for centuries to different occasions such as weddings, proms, balls, and black-tie events. Dinner jackets come in a variety of styles and designs making it impossible to be out of fashion. In this ultimate guide to men dinner jacket, we will explore the different types of dinner jackets, how to choose the right accessories, and the dos and don’ts when wearing one.

Types of Dinner Jackets

There are several types of dinner jackets, each with a unique style and design suitable for different occasions. A traditional dinner jacket is usually black with a silk satin lapel, single-button or double-breasted front, and matching pants. A white dinner jacket, on the other hand, is worn during warm weather and less formal events. Its design is similar to that of a traditional dinner jacket but is made from white or ivory fabric.

For a more contemporary look, one can choose a shawl collar dinner jacket that is usually a single-breasted jacket with a shawl collar instead of a peak lapel. A double-breasted dinner jacket is another option that gives a powerful and stylish impression with its six buttons on the front.


Accessories are essential to complete the look when wearing a dinner jacket. A bow tie is the most common accessory worn when donning a tuxedo. Traditionally, a black bow tie is paired with a black dinner jacket, while a white bow tie is worn with a white dinner jacket. A cummerbund is also a popular accessory that is worn around the waist to complement the bow tie.

The shirt worn with a dinner jacket should be white with pleated or pique front. Cufflinks are also crucial accessories to consider. Silver or gold cufflinks add an elegant and luxurious feel, and they can vary in color, texture, and design. Finally, shoes play a big role in completing the look. Patent leather shoes with a high gloss finish are a popular choice.

Dos and Don'ts

When wearing a dinner jacket, there are some dos and don'ts that you should adhere to. Firstly, you should always ensure that the dinner jacket fits impeccably. The jacket should be snug around the waist, and the shoulders should align appropriately.

Secondly, ensure that your pants fit well. The pants should be adjusted to sit at your waist, allowing them to flow smoothly without clinging or bunching. At the same time, do not forget to tuck your shirt in!

Also, avoid wearing excessive accessories and jewelry. A watch, simple cufflinks, and a wedding band should be enough to complement the look.

Finally, avoid anything that distracts from the clean and polished look of the jacket. This includes scuffed shoes, wrinkled shirts and pants, and anything that is poorly maintained.

Renting vs. Buying

Dinner jackets are quite expensive, and it might not be affordable to purchase one. If this is the case, renting is an excellent option. There are numerous reputable rental shops that offer a wide variety of dinner jackets that you can choose from. When renting, ensure that you try the jacket on in advance to ensure that it properly fits.

Purchasing a dinner jacket is worthwhile if you frequently attend black-tie events or formal gatherings. When purchasing, you have the freedom to personalize the jacket to your liking. This can include selecting a specific fabric, color, or design that aligns with your taste.


In summary, men's dinner jackets are an elegant and fashionable attire for formal events. With the different types of dinner jackets, accessories, and dos and don’ts when wearing one, you have all the information you need to choose the right dinner jacket for any event. Ensure that you wear the jacket with confidence and style to make a statement.

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There are several types of dinner jackets, each with a unique style and design suitable for different occasions.