The world has witnessed a booming rise of the writers’ community. There was a time when written content was either regarded as irrelevant or didn’t capture the attention of most people. However, a great world population today is out there and trying to find more information about everything, from the clothes to wear to a dinner to the way to approach a lady and even the best recipe for a particular meal in mind. Everything is in writing and on demand like never before. Indeed, blogging took online writing to a whole new level!

What is a food blog?

A food blog is basically a blog that is dedicated to only food and related stuff. There are a variety of food blogs, and they all differ depending on what exactly the blogger behind the keyboard is intending to pass across. While most people may like to write about food recipe’s, others may be interested in food health writing. At the end of the day, your food blog will only be as good as the message it is passing across.

Why a reliable web host is a good starting point?

A web host is a good starting point for a new food blog. Why this is so is because web hosting takes care of almost every technical issue that you would have to worry about.

Actually, several web hosts out there simplify everything for you, and even though you may have to part with a few dollars in the process, you will be able to host your blog with functions that will make its monitoring easy.
Actually, some web hosts are specifically meant for bloggers and even come with a preinstalled blogging software like WordPress. It has never gotten easier than this! Maintaining an online presence will only be important if you can, in the first place, be able to be hosted by a reliable web host.

Why a good domain name will get you ahead?

Domain names in a way give your blog identity, and from the moment you shift your focus here, you realize that you are dipping your feet into important waters. This is but the next step in setting up your blog. Just like any other identity, a good domain name will get you ahead. But why should you want to be ahead, in the first place? Easy! Blogging is more like getting information out, and the catchiest of them will draw more audience.

There would be no point in getting that information out if you cannot successfully draw traffic and get an audience. Automatically, your message will not get to whomever it was intended to. Therefore, you should watch the name you give to your blog because, in one way or another, that will determine its future.

WordPress or Weebly?

Many people ask around; WordPress or Weebly? Well, you are in the right place, to begin with, and here, you will find all the answers you need. There are several blogging platforms out there. While you may not be decided on which particular platform will work for you, or which one you would like to be subscribed to, it is good to take a quick tour.

Finding out information is by far more critical than getting information out. As it is always said, there is the first step for everything. You may call this the first step in setting up your blog. Finding a web host and choosing a domain name are just starters. Those two would not be of any use if you do not make the right choice on the platform to use.

Choosing your platform

The web is home to almost all the answers to millions of questions posed by individuals. These are the common questions that bother more than one person, and that is why they are on the web. While both WordPress and Weebly are well spoken of by their users depending on personal preference, it would be best to have a quick look at the list of blogging platforms first. Click here and find out more information about the two. Once satisfied that you have everything you need, you could then move to the next step of choosing your preferred platform.

Remember that this will be home to all your web content. It should, therefore, be exactly what you want. You should not stress, however. In case you sign up to a particular blogging platform and later realize that it is not what you needed, you can always transfer all your web content to the new site of your choosing, without losing any data. This can be done with the help of some web hosts that give this kind of assistance.

How you should set up your blog

Now, this is the heart of your blogging experience. How well you set up your food blog site will determine how much web traffic you receive. Here is a manual you can use. There are various ways to go about this, but the basics are always the same. These include:

  • Your first and last names.
  • Your preferred username. This will appear in your blog posts.
  • Your "about."
  • Apart from the basics, the blog customization is what comes next. This is the part where you give your blog a particular look, depending on what you like and what your readers may like. You should choose catchy themes as this will set a good impression on the readers. Furthermore, your blog should ease the function of sharing, as this is how people will be able to pass on your information to their friends and family. Growth happens from this step, but before growth, is impression.

    Writing your first blog should be more than fun

    Writing your first food blog post should be quite an experience! However, you should be very careful ensuring the first post is the best you will ever do since this will determine if you receive regular visitors to your site or not. It will also determine whether or not people follow your posts. Remember that this is but the beginning. You definitely would not wish to post once and stop at that. Therefore, for growth and progress, it would be very wise to give your first work a touch of perfection!


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    What makes a food blog’s setup more interesting is the fact that it incorporates several aspects. From decision making to designing to creativity and finally writing. It is easy to start up, but do not underestimate the importance of a good start. Your first food blog will inevitably feel like your first baby. Handle it with care right from the start!

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