The glue that joins the many diverse themes of wellness is finding one's own internal truth and living as close to it as possible. Consider whether you live in harmony with yourself, your community and the earth. If not, begin to inquire as to how you can bring yourself into alignment. We all have heard that stress is a killer and the cause of most if not all illness. When one lives a life out of alignment with what they know to be the truth, stress is inevitable. The further from the truth the greater the stress.

Of course one first has to figure out what their internal truth is! I have spent a lot of time uncovering which of my beliefs are based on an other person's truth and which are my own. As children we often adopt the beliefs of our family and community. Mom says don’t trust strangers. Some religions teach that certain behaviors doom us to eternal damnation. There comes a time when it is useful to question what the truth is rather than blindly following what we were taught as children. There are so many wonderful wise teachers to help with this search for new definitions of truth. Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tzu are among the ancient ones whose teachings have helped so many for thousands of years. Reading their teachings outside of organized religion gives a much broader perspective on their messages. Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss and so many more are with us today offering clarity to those who are searching for their truth.

What I have learned so far is that living in harmony with my internal truth is predicated on self love and self acceptance. Whenever I find myself in turmoil over what someone else is doing, I realize it is simply a reflection of how I feel about myself; and when I am angry or upset with myself, the road back to peace is lit with acceptance and compassion. Without them I flounder in the dark. One litmus test for my truth is to ask, “Am I being kind?” This one question can redirect my thinking instantly.

Living in harmony with my community has become a joy as I build friendships with "like minded" individuals. My closest friends are people who love and value me and support me on my journey. When I am floundering in the dark, they offer their presence and love rather than their solutions for how I should be living life. In the larger community of town, I have found that living near "Big Water" (my term for the ocean) fills me with the sense of being home and that being warm feels more expansive than being cold.

Living in harmony with the earth has become a pivotal truth for me. I believe mother earth will survive the abuse of Homo sapiens. Our extinction is much more certain than hers. Even so, my desire to live in harmony with nature as best I can, is rooted in how much better I feel when I live in a way that is respectful of the earth rather than in a way that is abusive.

What is becoming clear is that by living in harmony with me, my community and the earth; I feel well and that is a much more pleasant way to live, so why would I want it any other way? How about you, are you ready to look inside for the truth that will light your way?

Author's Bio: 

Cheryl Roby is a holistic health advocate and educator. Her own journey to better health and well-being led her to study energy medicine, Yoga and meditation. Cheryl is a Certified Kripalu YogaDance instructor, Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Spiritual Healer. She is a graduate of the three year program at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences in Bloomfield, CT. She has also completed advanced Kripalu YogaDance training, Thai Yoga Massage training and chakra workshops.
For many years Cheryl had a successful career leading multimillion-dollar technology projects for a major financial services company. During that time she had many opportunities to study (both formally and informally) human nature and the nature of leadership. In addition to her official responsibilities, she trained inner city youth in the basics of public speaking as a way of giving back to the community where she worked.
Currently she leads workshops and speaks on various wellness topics such as stress management, the human energy field, abundance, the mind/body connection and the chakras; offers individual energy healing sessions; is the author of the Roby Chart of human energy and related beliefs and she teaches Kripalu YogaDance®. Her workshops and Rock Your Chakras Kripalu YogaDance classes have been well received in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Florida and Illinois.