There’s something that I want to explain about Feng Shui. It is not necessarily something that you do once and never again. Once you get the hang of it, it will become as natural to you as breathing. It is, at its most basic, a heightened form of observation. You learn to observe your spaces for the discrepancies that show up in your life. What do I mean by this? Well, when you are able to balance all aspects of your life to your satisfaction, then the Feng Shui flow of your surroundings is most likely balanced and in harmony with your goals. When you feel anything other than this balance, it is likely that you can find the discrepancies somewhere in your home, correct them and move back into that harmonious lifestyle that has become your “normal”.

The thing about making observations is the need to be careful about labeling the discoveries that you make as positive or negative judgements. When we make a judgement about something, we are merely forming an opinion about it. The judgement/opinion itself is neutral. It is our placement of a positive or negative value that makes things tricky. If you discipline yourself to allow your judgements to take on a higher perspective, i.e. to discover the spiritual value of them, then you are going to promote a sense of spiritual growth for yourself.

For example, perhaps you have recently become interested in using Feng Shui to enhance your life. As you learn about it, you make a startling discovery about the layout of your home. You discover that when you apply the Feng Shui Bagua to your home’s layout, that you are living in a home that has a missing relationship area. Watch out because here come the judgements about that! Suddenly, the fact that you are recently divorced and keep finding yourself attracted to guys/girls who don’t meet your needs makes a little more sense. Now if you stop right there and don’t project a positive or negative value on it, you can receive the spiritual gift that this discovery was meant to provide.

When you use Feng Shui to correct the type of scenarios that I have described above, you essentially take back your power and start making changes in your life that will result in a different outcome. I have said over and over that Feng Shui is nothing more than a tool to self-discovery, self-healing and ultimately, to wholeness. Feng Shui is a gift that is meant for all of us, even if we never learn how to pronounce it correctly! ; )

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Logynn B. Northrhip is a professional Feng Shui consultant in the Austin, TX area. She offers local and remote/off-site consultations all over the world. If you would like more information about her or would like to schedule a consultation, please visit her website at or call her at 512/496-9232. You can also register for free tips from her Facebook fan page at: