For well over a decade I have been helping tens of thousands of anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, PTSD and OCD sufferers to eliminate their conditions permanently. Yes, I did say permanently, because, contrary to popular belief, they can be eliminated 100%!

So how do I cure, so called, mental illnesses like anxiety disorders?

Before I explain, the first thing to clarify is that these conditions are not mental illnesses, they are behavioural conditions which are stored as memory, habit and instinct in the subconscious mind; and, secondly, I don’t like the term disorder, it implies illness and inappropriate anxiety isn’t an illness, it’s inappropriate anxiety!

Anxiety doesn’t require drug treatment nor does it require counselling or psychological analysis. So what is needed?

It’s simple, the Amygdala, which consists of two small organs in the brain, act like an ‘anxiety thermostat, controlling anxiety levels and are confirmed by the National Institute of mental Health as the cause of anxiety disorders. The amygdala store the anxious response as memory, instinctual memory which reacts independently of ‘conscious’ control.

You can’t control an emotion by thinking about it, which is why the therapies that encourage thought manipulation in an attempt to alter anxiety levels don’t work!

So, when the amygdala becomes ‘re-set’ at a ‘higher than normal’ benchmark level of anxiety due to stress, work pressure, bereavement, or whatever life circumstances or experiences caused the initial high anxiety, the subconscious mind continues to produce anxious signals even though YOU know ‘consciously’ that it is inappropriate.

These anxious signals are sent out to the body in order to prepare it for flight or fight, which is why anxiety sufferers experience a raft of symptoms and thoughts that cycle constantly in a self-perpetuating ‘disorder’.

By undermining this reaction and replacing that subconscious anxious reaction with a more appropriate reaction, the Amygdala can be ‘re-set’ to a completely appropriate ‘normal’ anxiety level… this eliminates the inappropriate anxiety completely and restores the sufferer back to feeling normal again, free form anxiety symptoms, panic attacks and phobias!

For 16 years we have been helping tens of thousands of sufferers from around the world to eliminate their anxiety permanently and now receive thousands of referrals from medics and psychologists who see the changes we bring to the lives of the people who most need it.

All of our programs include qualified support from mental health professionals who will guide our clients to fast and permanent recovery.

We love what we do because we produce recovery where medics and psychology have failed. I created my Method to cure myself in 1997 and have never seen it fail to remove anxiety and panic disorders.

Here are some client comments.

I have to say that the linden method and Mr Linden saved my life. Charles if you are reading this… a huge thank you to YOU and your fantastic team! Thank you for giving me and thousands of others, their lives back and for doing what you do – you have thousands of supporters and you should feel very loved and surrounded by their positivity! Annie Grace Knowles

I used to suffer with a high anxiety disorder for a good few years, which I can say has been 100% treated and CURED NON-MEDICINALLY thanks to THE LINDEN METHOD. CHARLES LINDEN and his AMAZING TEAM OF EXPERTS helped me through a terrible time, when the NHS, ALTERNATIVE THERAPISTS & PRESCRIBED MEDICATIONS FAILED ME.

Anyone who doubts The Linden Method obviously hasn’t used it – or feels threatened by it. If anyone is making money out of anxious people it is the NHS and alternative therapists: hynotherapists, CBT etc etc…

ANYONE out there WITH AN ANXIETY DISORDER don’t hesitate to GET THE LINDEN METHOD PROGRAM. I DID and it is the BEST THING I EVER DID FOR MY LIFE. curedbythelindenmethod

The Linden method changed my life… for the better. I would like to thank his team and Charles himself for the time they took to talk to me, to help me and get me back to the lady i was before anxiety affected me.
Thank you - Jayne.M

Charles Linden

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Charles Linden is said by Hay House Publishing, to be "The World's Leading Anxiety Recovery Expert". Charles has helped over 160,000 people to recover through his Linden Method program and is the author and presenter of books, TV shows, residential Anxiety Recovery Retreats with clients all over the world. Charles is anxiety recovery expert to the stars, media and government agencies. Charles' reputation and the massive following of recovered sufferers he has helped is underpinned by an organisation that provides qualified support and real recovery pathways for every client... with a 96% success rate amongst complying clients.

Charles Linden