The digital marketing is becoming a more complex and competitive business, so in recent years the difficulty in obtaining good results and return on the time and money invested is rising.

Unless you are an expert in online marketing, it is best to hire a company like Kingsmen Agency, a digital marketing agency in Dubai, who are experts in providing solutions and have helped us with the advice in this article.

Constant renewal The high competition in the sector forces the agencies to be in continuous renewal learning the latest technologies, trends, Google changes, social networks and an endless number of essential elements.

Only this obsession with continuing to evolve can give consistent results over time regardless of the new features that appear in the sector.

  1. Leadership

Firass Abbass, the CEO of Kingsmen Group, is a remarkable example of what effective leadership looks like. The young leader, ever since he took office as the Chief Executive Officer, the parent company has transformed business practice for each of its divisions, especially Kingsmen Agency. 

The young entrepreneur has always exuded leadership characteristics, and his business acumen allows his organization to achieve its business objective promptly. Abbass is a highly revered CEO, whose professional and personal attributes make him a charmer in the boardroom. He is risk-taker, socialite, and an expert in marketing management. 

Abbass embarked the entrepreneurship journey before turning 30 and has made his way up, being recognized as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in Gulf. He aspires to fill out gaps in the marketing industry and capture the latest trends driven by data and technological systems.

  1. Being Able to Superimpose Customer Needs On Timings

The timings: delivery dates, product launches, campaigns are critical to the success of a good strategy for digital marketing but do not consider the needs of the customer above all are useless.

The organization of the strategy is essential. Still, it must always leave room for flexibility and thus be able to adapt it to the needs of the client moment by moment, and according to the variations that may arise.

  1. Do Not Sell Immediate Results in SEO (Positioning In Google)

A job well done takes time, and in SEO, this statement is even more critical.

Positioning your website, products, services, blog, if you do a good job, is a matter of time, and it is a process, not a consequence. Google needs you to gain their trust little by little in order to give more value to your project, and this trust is earned by chopping stone: article by article, optimization to optimization.

Patience is essential if you want to get good SEO results, so it is complemented by other short and medium-term strategies such as advertising, for example.

  1. Educate The Client to Facilitate Their Understanding of the Digital Environment

As a client, you do not have to know all the marketing terms: SEO, SEM, AdWords, Link building, metrics, branded content, recruitment, leads, conversion …. Neither do you know what the processes included in a marketing strategy work are? 

That is why it is vital that the agency you hire can simply explain everything so that you are aware of what they are doing for your project and know how to see the outcomes they are obtaining.

They can also help you learn to do some of the essential digital marketing tasks yourself, such as writing useful articles to attract visitors and customers.

In conclusion, it is increasingly difficult to achieve good results with digital marketing, and the high competition means that we have to have competent professionals to help us generate the highest profitability for our business.

And these professionals must comply with the characteristics that we have discussed to guarantee exceptional work.

  1. Adopt A Policy of Total Transparency

Many times, when a client has had a bad experience with an agency, we can see that necessary yet basic information is missing from the website of the agency. And unfortunately, in our sector, there is no lack of cheating and deception, such as agencies that subcontract personnel abroad at low prices or buy followers on social networks.

The website of an advertising agency should clearly show the address you are in, the profiles of the people who work there, and at least a list of clients. They should also be willing to share references and success stories openly, always respecting the confidentiality obligations of their clients.

This transparency should not only be shown on the web, but also throughout the entire hiring and work process. The customer should be able to request the information they need and answer all their questions about their campaigns. 

The agency must be willing to give all the data that the client needs and be didactic when explaining their work. And in the same way, the client should always be impeccably honest with the agency. Ultimately, there must be an open dialogue where neither party hides information, and both collaborate to achieve success like a team.

  1. Ability to Demonstrate Experience and Credibility

In the realm of online marketing, reputation is everything. For this reason, the right advertising agency must be able to demonstrate that it puts into practice what it preaches and that it has the requisite credibility to generate trust among its clients.

The first step in generating this trust is the website, as it will give us an idea of the degree of sophistication that they can achieve for their clients. It has to be well organized, with all information clearly available and searchable with charming design. If it is well positioned, we can see that your team handles SEO correctly. And the same applies to your presence on social networks.

Second, we must consider its online reputation, that is, the opinions of users outside the agency itself. A couple of simple searches on Google and social networks will help us find testimonials from other people who have worked with them (note: unfortunately, false testimonies are also given).

And last but not least, the client can ask for references from other clients with whom the agency has worked. It is always fascinating to ask for a reference from clients with whom things have not gone so well, to see how the problems have been addressed. If the agency is willing to talk about it openly, that's an excellent sign. And in the same way, the client should be prepared to explain his previous relationship with other advertising agencies and the reason why he decided to do it without their services.

One more trick: according to experts, it is better to ask for references by phone or in-person than by email. The reason is that, while emails can be a simple "copy and paste," a conversation makes people more natural and ends up getting much more information.

  1. Ability to Understand the Customer

Experience in a specific sector is always a plus, but sometimes agencies use a cut-and-paste approach, applying the same solutions to all clients. And this doesn't usually work too well. Therefore, before starting work, the client should ask for specific success stories in their sector and see if a work method has been applied according to the circumstances of each brand.

If an advertising agency is new to a sector, that does not mean that it should be discarded. Sometimes it can be very positive to have a fresh look at what we are doing. In that case, you have to ask about the agency's methodology when addressing a new sector.

 And in the same way that the agency must collaborate in training the client on digital marketing, the client must also be open to solving the agency's doubts about its sector.

  1. Take into Account the Technical Side Of The Relationship.

Until now, we have talked about advertising agencies and clients, since it is the traditional division of the sector. But there is a third actor that we cannot forget, and that is the technology managers.

To successfully carry out a digital marketing strategy, you need advanced knowledge of a wide variety of technologies, from web design and architecture to data science. In many cases, agencies work with third-party technology providers, and they need to be accountable to the client for them.

Both the client and the agency have to be aware that we are working in a sector that is subject to continuous changes in technology. Although the most technical aspects, such as programming, will be left to experts, marketers have to be able to understand the current technological landscape and always be ready to learn new things. On the client's side, it is a good idea to investigate this issue and see if the agency is up to date or if it continues to use outdated tools due to a lack of resources to innovate.

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