Legal steroids have become more popular than anabolic ergogenic supplements in the last few years. These fantastic health supplements were initially viewed with suspicion and scepticism when they first came out. But as the trend is catching on, people are now leaning towards using injectable steroids or oral steroids for muscle mass to get the desired body shape they want.

We were not able to determine if these were fakes or designer steroids. However, we believe that they were prevalent in the early 2000s. Each week, a new supplement with an anabolic-steroid-inspired name is launched marketed as a fitness supplement.

It would quickly become trendy. Soon, side effects began to be reported. Athletes with high liver values or jaundice are being rushed to the emergency room. In just a few weeks, bodybuilders can grow man boobs. As time went with steroids in the health and fitness industry, we have heard many horror stories.

After thorough research based on several studies, to our delight, and that of most supplement-sceptics, legal steroids have taken the world of professional bodybuilding and professional sports by storm. After millions of bottles of oral and injectable steroids have been sold, the reviews have been consistent regarding the product.

We have since run numerous legal steroids cycles, read anecdotal reports, analyzed bloodwork and checked workout logs. Even after one-on-one conversations with tens and thousands of natural users who have been able to stretch their results beyond what they thought possible.
We have listed out top 5 steroids that are recommended in Canada

  • D-Bal max - Used as a strength gainer
  • D-Bal - widely used by bodybuilders for muscle growth
  • Winsol - Used to attain a beach body shape
  • Anvarol - Used for lean muscle growth
  • Clenbuterol - Used widely as a fat burner

Although you must look out for two-pointers while choosing a steroid for yourself

  • Vitamins and Minerals -- are well-researched for their ability to stimulate muscle hypertrophy, nutrient delivery and protein production. Their roles go beyond this. They are also critical in cognitive performance, hormonal stability and lipolysis, as well as cerebral blood flow. A study by Statistics Australia found that 73% of the population is deficient in Zinc, which can impact your testosterone levels. Several people are deficient in Vitamin D due to their indoor jobs and sedentary lifestyles. Is it possible to take a multivitamin? Sure, you can. It won't produce the same results.
  • The Blend - A legal steroid is as effective as anabolic steroids if it contains the right combination of ingredients. Oxygenpharn, the manufacturer of legal steroids, has spent years researching how to find the best combination of natural ingredients to create anabolic effects. After years of trial and error, each legal steroid's blend and its concentration are meticulously selected. This is what makes these different from any other multivitamin or workout supplement.
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