If you’re a fan of narcissistic characters in movies and want to watch a K - drama on the same theme, then Connect k- drama is a binge-watch for you. Connect is about a character who belongs to a new human race! How could that be? This K-drama does it! Introducing the Connect species, found only in Drakor and Webtoon, the drama is full of suspenseful science fiction, making it a must-watch for thrill seekers.
Genre: Psychological thriller, Mystery, Horror, Science fiction
Aired: December 7, 2022
Writer: Shin Dae Sung
Season: 01
Number of Episodes: 06
Original Network: Hulu, Disney+
Jung Hae in (Ha Dong Soo)
Kim Hye Jun (Lee I Rang)
Go Kyeong Pyo (Oh Jin Seop)
Connect is a mysterious story about Ha Dong Soo, who chases a narcissistic character. Ha Dong Soo (Jung Hae In) is part of a new superhuman race called Connect and has an immortal body. One day, a group of human organ traffickers kidnaps him, cutting out his eye. Soon after, he notices something strange and realizes the man who has his eye is a serial killer. Ha Dong Soo (Jung Hae In) can now see everything the serial killer sees. So, he chases after the killer and tries to stop him from murdering more people.
Where to Watch Connect K- drama or Other Narcissistic Characters in Movies?
Connect is available on many streaming sites with English subtitles like other K-dramas. Some of these are here:


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Author's Bio:
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