By: JoAnne Williams-Author

Some of us tend to hold on to our relationship far longer that we should. Oftentimes when the signs are so obvious, we tend to ignore them. If you've been in a failing, unhappy relationship for an extended period of time, you should know that your health can be greatly affected by this. Some of us convince ourselves that the relationship will get better, even though our reason (s) for staying can become self defeating. We continue to cling on to something within the relationship that no longer exists with the hope that perhaps the relationship will experience a significant shift for the better. That's just a delusion that we've taken on to convince ourselves into staying when we know we should be going. You see, staying in an unhappy, failing or stressful relationship can wreak havoc on your health where by you can start to develop a stress related illness like, high blood pressure, stoke, depression.

You may then find yourself medicating the illness for an indefinite period of time. However, had you taken the opportunity to escape from the pressures of that stress, failing or unhappy relationship, who knows, perhaps your health could have been unaffected. When the relationship you are in, whether it’s marriage, or otherwise, affect you to the point where you’re developing health related issues, this is when you should start to prepare for your dismount-out of that relationship. Some relationships are not meant to last forever. Sometimes we hold on, when we should be letting go!

The different experiences that we encounter in life are part of our growth and development process. Sometimes in life we cross paths with people for nothing more than teaching moments. So we then must take what we have learned from past experiences, and apply them to our lives, going forward.


Author's Bio: 

I am a recently publisher Author of a book titled: ESCAPING FROM THE VICTIM OR VOLUNTEER ROLE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP. This is a no holds barred book that takes a look into why some relationships fail.