Each and every one of us has the potential to achieve anything you want in Life. On your journey to this discovery, you will all be made aware of a flame that has been lit deep within you for some great time now. This flame was lit long ago by a single spark. Even the tiniest of sparks can cause great transformational change. Think of a forest fire. The largest of forest fires are caused by a single spark. Now don't confuse your Self with the damage forest fires cause, because even after such devastation, new Life is born.

Deep within you now, your own flame has been dwindling, but whatever momentum in your Life that has caused you to get up out of bed, get to your computer, and find this article, has awoken that flame; and whether you are ready to realize it or not, you have a forest fire at your very core waiting to be unleashed! Now what are you going to do to follow through on that spark? What are you going to do to begin feeding that flame? It’s the daily motivation in your Life, that flame burning deep at your very core saying, “I want this! I want to achieve the things that inspire me and make me feel great!”

Every action that you take from this point forward is one of great Generative Awareness. Realizing you are ready for action opens the window of opportunity, and obstacles begin to present themselves, one after another, after another, after another. So prepare yourself, remember you asked for this; and you only realize what you are capable of when you make actions that continue to serve a better purpose for Life and provide support towards your greater future; and obstacles, although challenging, serve only one purpose, for you to overcome them.

Here you begin to prove your worth and define your Self-Will. What does it mean to be “you”? So do not run from your challenges, run towards them full bore. Set your Self apart from the crowd that is fine watching their opportunities pass by. You want more, you need more, and you have more!

That flame is your potential, and it is just sitting there, waiting for you to realize it. It's always been there, you have always been and have always had exactly who you have always wanted to be and have always wanted to have. The thing is, you won’t realize that potential is there until you actually use it. Once you achieve the realization of success, you realize that you were always capable of having it, all you had to do was take that first step!

Remember, nobody ever said this was going to be easy, of course you will have to work for it; and it has great potential to be the hardest thing you have ever accomplished in your Life. It’s about looking in the mirror, and asking your Self if you have what it takes to achieve the things that you want. It's about asking your Self if you have the backbone to achieve the things that inspire you and make you feel great!

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My name is Jason Plevell and I am the owner of PPGI, Personal and Professional Growth Industries. All of my information can be found at my website, www.ihavebackbone.com, the offical webpage of PPGI - Realize Your Potential!