(Excerpted from the book, The 5 Laws to Conscious Living)

We all want to achieve different objectives in life. The sense of accomplishment when we face and then surmount the challenges in our life broadens our base for an increasing experience of life. Our confidence goes up and we become more open to challenges that are more complex and thus involve even more of our skills and being. THe more that we engage, use, and grow ourselves as we follow a path of our choosing the more we live life in the gratified state. We have found that that there are six actionable steps that will bring your goals to reality.

In fact, many of the basics of these six steps to you dreams are found in many books. These books all provide detail about the steps necessary to produce results in the logistical or rational world. While some of the small details may vary, the basics are effective and have remained the same throughout time. What has been lost and what the present books don’t mention, is that if you’re not pursuing your dreams, and instead you are chasing someone else’s, you will inevitably sabotage yourself. It is not a matter of if, it's when.

Rather than chasing someone else's dream read the book The 5 Laws to Conscious Living and discover what is true for you. Discover what really excites and truly motivates you. What are your dreams? When you have discovered your center, then, come back to this chapter and use these steps to actualize them. These are the proven steps that work in all areas of life.

Achieving anything can be broken down into six simple-to-follow steps. These steps provide a template for you, breaking down the necessary actions to manifest your goals.

We have already been trained as experts in creating logistical flowcharts and planning life from the left-brain perspective. The heart center guides you to your journey--whether it’s academics, flying lessons, finding a new job, caring for a home, athletics, music, or any of the unlimited and different choices we have available. What matters is that the journey represents the path you want to experience; then your life experieince is fulfilling.

Choice Point: To manifest or achieve anything of personal importance it must first come from your center. How much time have you wasted already pursuing someone else's dream?

Clients are astonished when I tell them that there are only six steps necessary to achieve anything they want. I like to remind them (and you) that it does not take complexity to achieve goals; it takes clarity of purpose combined with simple actions. So, let’s begin. Here are the six steps to turn your dreams to reality:

Step 1: You must start from a point of clarity and awareness. Your conscious and subconscious minds must be aligned and congruent. Your beliefs must have been examined and your motivations understood. There cannot be conflict between the conscious and subconscious. If you don't get clear you will "say one thing and do another." Take the time to know yourself first.
Then write down exactly what you want in clear, concise words. Simply do the following:

Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down, Write it Down.

Let’s go over this just one more time! Write it Down!!!

It’s clear that a point is being made here. People who achieve their dreams found that writing down their goals was the #1 factor contributing in manifesting their desires.

Choice Point: You will not achieve important goals without first making the commitment of writing them down.

Simple right? This is not complicated, but you must act! To amplify the effects of writing it out, first write out your goals with your dominant hand and then write them with your opposite hand. Do this three times daily. Writing with your opposite hand helps to free you from conscious restraint. This allows your subconscious mind to be powerfully effective. After you have written down your goals, you need to:

Step 2: Even the biggest dream can be broken down into small and manageable steps. Think of the complexity of many of the items taken for granted; computers, spaceships, cars, etc…If you tried to take on all of this at once you would be overwhelmed into inaction. Instead, picture the end result of the dream and then break it down into small, achievable, actionable steps that can be taken regularly.

Step 3: Take action and pay attention. Pay attention to your intuitions and take the inspired actions to manifest your dreams. Achieving any dream requires some type of effort and contribution. Will you contribute time, knowledge, products, ideas, talent, effort, financial investment, or something else? Whatever your contribution is, make sure it comes from your center. This way, rather than feeling frustrated and angry about the effort and focus required; you experience a sense of contribution and exhilaration. Next:

Step 4: You must decide and do. The power of momentum is important- do not fall into the habit of waiting for the “perfect” moment to start on your journey. Your journey is a work in progress. Write down a date to achieve your written goals. This anchors your thoughts with action so rather than drifting to “someday,” you begin to take the inspired actions necessary to get closer to your goals.

Take action and notice if the action is working. Did the plan you created to achieve your goals work? Did you take action? Many people never fully participate in life and fall into procrastination. Their dreams are right there waiting to be experienced and lived, yet because they never take the action towards their dream they never achieve or experience them.

Step 5: Make adjustments and take new actions. If something does not work, pay attention, experiment and try a different approach. If that doesn’t work, again notice and try something else. Learn from each experience and pay attention to your inspired intuitions. Use what you learned as you continue to grow! Following dreams does not mean everything always works. View this as an ever-evolving process. If you keep working towards your dreams, the universe often presents opportunities for you to continue your growth. As with anything, the more you expand your skills, the more confident in your skill set you will be and you become more effective.

Choice Point: Can you guess how many times you will keep trying? That’s right! You keep working towards your dreams and noticing what is bringing you closer to them. You keep working, growing, learning, and achieving until you reach your dreams! If you have taken the time to center yourself, the journey that you are on will be reward enough in itself as you pursue your dream.

Step 6: You must maintain your Commitment, Consciousness, and Clarity. Commit to reading and writing your goals three times a day. This eliminates distractions and minutia that can easily take you away from your goals. Commit to using visualizations and affirmations to help seed the beliefs and goals into your subconscious mind. Commit to using hypnosis to complete the integration of these thoughts. Commit to taking the inspired actions to create your life!

Stay Conscious throughout the process. Within you are the desire, skill, and determination you need to achieve anything you want. Pursue your inspired dreams and follow your path!

Maintain your Clarity of purpose. Let go of the belief everything works the first time and every time. It won’t. However, if you keep working towards goals that are heart centered, have meaning for you, and you have written them down, you astronomically increase the odds of achieving any goal. Different people have different skill-sets, interests, tolerances, and goals. Do not waste any energy comparing yourself to some idealized image.

Your journey is sacred; it doesn’t have to be anyone else’s to bring the life you desire into your domain. Find a way to enjoy your journey, your lessons, your growth, and your success, and use them to completely embrace all of life!

Author's Bio: 

Don Nenninger is author, consultant, coach, and co-creator with his wife Nicole of various multi-media programs on relationships, family, parenting, and blended families. He has a Psy. M and has spent years researching and applying practical and simple techniques to help others improve the quality of their profession and personal lives