Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.” ―Abigail Adams

Learning is something that must be a constant process and must never cease. It is the quest for learning that keep an individual growing. But what to do if the young minds run away from embracing the process of learning? After all, education and learning cannot be kept away to make the kids happy. The answer lies in instilling a fun-element in learning. It is this dose of fun that helps convert the task of learning, which seems monotonous and boring to children, into something that’s gripping and interesting.

The young minds of the children seek free and unbridled learning, which can keep them glued to the process of learning and as well feed their curiosities in a lighter fashion than as received in the conventional classrooms. Here comes the relevance of making learning fun and introducing games that can be amusing as well as educating.

We, at Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, believe that education is a dynamic process and must keep on evolving with time. The learning methods which were considered foolproof earlier are no longer rendered the same credit in today’s world. The latest learning methods imbibe fun games and barnstormers that keep the kids engaged and interested in learning.

So today, we at JPIS, would like to share with you some cool tips that you can practice at home to instill a lot of fun in your kids’education process through the play way of learning.

Include easy & simple games

Easy playing games are always the best way to start and integrate games into learning. Simple digital touch games related to counting, identifying, etc. might keep your child aligned with their lessons without making them realize the same.

 Encourage memory games

Memory games are perfect for keeping your child’s concentration level managed. During the current times, when kids are spending all of their time within the four walls of their homes, they tend to become bored and annoyed. Memory games help the kids have a good time with other family members. It not only helps to strengthen the family bond but also keeps the brain engaged in something productive.

Introduce games that enhance the analytical ability

Riddles, puzzles, etc. are excellent for keeping the brain functioning in a proper manner. To instill the habit of rational thinking, you can keep your child engaged with the riddles and puzzles. Besides enabling the kids to think rationally and solve problems analytically, these games offer fun and amusement.

Allow children to use their imagination

Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida Give your kids a few alphabets and ask them to frame as many words they can think of from these alphabets. This will help them learn new words enriching their vocabulary, and will also keep them engaged in a productive way. Learning words and their meanings would become easier than ever with these word-making games that offer enough fuel to keep the imaginative block of the brain pursued.

Regardless of the nature of the games chosen, make sure that you are maintaining a balance between learning and fun. None of the elements should outshine the other. Keep a thorough check while selecting, presenting, executing, and finding the right content quality of the games for the kids. The elements of learning must be there, and the kids must perceive the essence of these games accurately.

We, at JP International School, ranked among the Best CBSE Schools in Greater Noida, believe that education and learning must be seamless processes, and a sudden break along its course might result in severe backlogs that the young minds might struggle to cover up in the long run.

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It is hence important that the process of learning is kept constant, but at the same time, it is important to ensure that this process remains natural and fun-filled with no space for any stress or worries.