Are you contemplating to begin your journey as a model? The super-model, Anatasia Belotskaya, a green-eyed, Russian beauty, reveals the top secrets to become a renowned model. 

The gorgeous New-York-based model has won many hearts worldwide. The heartthrob cover girl of L'Officiel, Maxim, FHM, and Elle is praised by the world's leading Fashionistas. 

Anastasia did campaigns for Steve Madden, Cover girl, Makeup forever, Morrocan oil, NARS, and Tommy Hilfiger. She has even walked for New York fashion week, making her fans go crazy with her confidence and unique style. Getting successful and earning a reputable name at young, Anastasia is indeed, a source of inspiration for several aspiring models. In this post, she unleashes what it takes to flaunt your modeling mantra.

The universe of modeling has something for everybody. There are such vast numbers of specialties and specializations that you can discover to accommodate your look and character. When you choose turning into a model is the correct move, it's an ideal opportunity to pick which way you'll take to arrive. 

"There's significantly more to modeling than being extremely, strangely attractive, it's how you portray yourself to the world," says Belotskaya. 

Here are the top three tips by the super-model herself: 

Explore Yourself

The primary thing each hopeful model has to know is what their best body features are and how to display them. Assess your face, liberated from cosmetics, and with your hair pulled back. Gone are the days when the modeling world requested severe balance and Eurocentric highlights. What is intriguing about your face? Do you have full lips? Sluggish eyes? An arousing smile? Any of these can be worthwhile with regards to being remembered by agents and landing your first bid.

Make faces in the mirror! Spend time with yourself. Practice over-the-top emoting, giggling on prompt and bowing your body into fascinating positions while as yet looking normal and agreeable. Get settled in heels or different shoes you don't ordinarily wear. You might be approached to run, hop, and even skip in heels. Figure out how to move smoothly, with little developments between clicks of the camera rather than changing stances from snap to snap. Think about every instance as though you are attempting to make a stop-motion flipbook. Your photographer would be glad and will bless your heart. 

Create a Strong Modeling Portfolio

There are two sorts of portfolios you'll have to create. The first is a conventional, printed copy portfolio. This resembles your resume. You'll acquire this with you to all individuals throwing calls. It should include your best 8 to 12 pictures and be introduced in a portfolio case with a concise index of your modeling experience. 

The second is your online portfolio. This is the place you can truly show the expansiveness of your knowledge and flexibility. Building a robust portfolio shows agents precisely what you bring to the table and what you can do for them. It ought to be ever-emerging as you acquire experience. 

Make Camera Your Best-buddy

Begin on your portfolio with an enthralling headshot. Headshots can simply be the picture of your head and collarbones, or a half-body shot, whatever you prefer. Your headshot should show you in your "normal" state. Basic cosmetics, negligible adornments, and insignificantly styled hair. In the event that you have facial hair, it ought to be very much prepared. As it were, leave the winged liner, gems, and prodding brush at home. Grinning or genuine, your headshot should put your best face forward and be the primary picture in your portfolio. It must show who YOU really are!

Next, you'll need a full-body shot. These must be typically exceptionally basic. You'll require a fitted white shirt or tank top and some skinny jeans or pants. Long skirts or coats or such a large number of layers simply conceal what the agents are searching for. Women, bring out those heels and gentlemen, an easygoing dress shoe will work. Keep it basic and fabulous—you can get inventive in different photographs. 

You may likewise need to incorporate a swimwear shot. Keep the pictures both a mix furious or fun-loving, particularly on the off chance that you desire to do commercials. 


The best tip is to show yourself as a model. Let people admire you and admit that you must be a model, not the other way around. In fact, this exactly how it worked for the popular lingerie-model Anastasia Belotskaya, as she kick-started her modeling career at the age of 18 after an agent asked her whether is she a model in a subway. Sounds like a movie scene? Well, Belotskaya had the gestures of a model and knew how to flaunt it like a pro, making her follow her dream career.

All what you need is to get comfortable with your skin and show it off in the most natural and typical manner. Natural beauty is all that the modern modeling industry craves for," expresses Belotskaya.

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