In spiritual understanding, the physical world that seem to be real is not actually real world, it is an illusion. If you understand this, it can help you a lot in mastering the Law of Attraction. That is because the Law of Attraction is part of the Universal Laws and studies about it involves the world beyond physical reality.

Our physical reality is only an illusion created by the Mind itself. Our Mind is part of the Universal Mind; through which everything else is created and also connected. Before any material is created, it must first exist in the Mind in form of imagination and visualization. That is the scientific way of describing the Law of Attraction, where the inner world is the Mind and the outer world is the physical world; and the physical world follows the inner world.

To make the Law of Attraction more simple, it can be said in this way: Everything that we manifest or gain, first existed as thought in our mind. As we kept on focusing on it, the psychic energy of the thought form increased and the Universe transformed the energy into physical material or event. The outer world is nothing but the creation of the inner world. In the book version of The Secret, there's quote from the Emerald Tablet (circa 3000 BC) and it says, "As above, so below. As within, so without."

You can achieve anything as long as it is possible by just setting your mind on it. The reason is, if it can exist in your imagination, it can exist in the physical world too. As we have known now, everything in the outer world actually comes from the inner world. If you are having it in your inner world, you can have it too in your outer world. If you have it in your outer world but you don't have it in your inner world, soon or later, the Law of Attraction will take it away from you.

Many of us knows Albert Einstein - A legendary physician. Actually, even Albert Einstein knew about the Secret Law of Attraction. He have taught it through his words and once he have said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." What does that mean to you? Albert Einstein is teaching the Law of Attraction! He says through imagination, we can manifest our dream into the physical world.

We all know Buddha too, he have said that "All that we are is the result of what we have thought." That means everything that we are and everything that we will be or have, we first possessed it in our mind. That is exactly what the modern teaching of the Law of Attraction is all about. The term Law of Attraction is not mentioned by Buddha or Albert Einstein but the discovery of the Law had always been existed ages ago.

The main theme of this article was taken from Buddha's words, "The mind is everything. What we think we become." Our mind not only can make things happen, it can also create ideas out of nowhere. Sometimes that is the way the Universe communicates with us. When we want something, there's always a way to get it and the Universe knows the best.

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This was written by Avatar Tamilmagan. He have his own Law of Attraction blog at where he shares more information and even the best free ebooks to help others on manifesting successfully using The Secret Law of Attraction.