I discovered the book, The Secret, while walking thru the self help section of my local library. It was a tiny little book, very unassuming ,as it held it's own space on the shelf that day. I'm not sure what made me pick it up, maybe it was destiny.

The book basically states that "The Secret" is the Law of Attraction. It holds that everything that has come to you in your life, you have drawn to yourself. That your fate is attracted to you by the images you hold in your own mind. The book goes on to describe how the Law of Attraction is as finite and real as the Law of Gravity or any other scientific laws that we know to exist. The law has been with us from the beginning of time and always will be. Throughout the book, various famous people give quotes supporting their belief in the Law of Attraction. Everyone from WIlliam Shakespeare to Sir Isaac Newton to Henry Ford are used as examples of people who used the Law to achieve greatness. The science behind the law states that we are all energy: our body, our mind, even our thoughts. Everything in the universe is energy in motion and our thoughts are energy that can make other energy materialize, basically on command.

The book is broken down into a few very simple chapters: The Secret to: Money, Relationships, Health, The World, You and finally to Life. Once you finally swallow the basic premise of the book, you can easily see how each of the chapters unfold. In each and every part of the book, the author, Rhonda Byrne, tries to convey the need to "visualize" what you want in life, whether it's money, love etc. The idea is, if you want something, visualize it in your mind to make it materialize in your world. The book goes on to say that the Universe has anything and everything that we need; we only need to ask. The universe has an unlimited supply of money, love, power....you get the point.

If you continually focus on how many bills you have, you will only draw more bills to yourself. If you focus on how you can never lose weight, then voila, you never lose weight. If you obsess about how you always pick the wrong guy/girl, then you continue to pick that same wrong person. The book discusses the words "can't" and "don't" as well. For instance, you may be mentally telling yourself how you "can't" ever make enough money or you "don't" know how to make friends. In using those statements, you are calling that reality to come to you.

Now at about this point in your reading of the book, you'll begin to doubt, not just a little but a whole lot! The author apparently has been met with this type of suspicion and disbelief before so she suggests for the reader to do a small experiment of his/her own. She asks the reader to focus on something, anything, jot it down on your planner, for several days and then see if it materialized. Being a serious skeptic myself, I tried her experiment and lo and behold, it worked! Each time I tried her little "Law of Attraction" experiment, I made the stakes a little higher. Each time what I visualized actually materialized a few days later, my belief in The Secret became a little stronger.

The author uses the believable quotes from people all around the world throughout the book to strengthen and re-iterate her point about the Law of Attraction and quite frankly, you can't read this book from cover to cover without becoming a believer.

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Kendrick Moss has written frequently on pregnancy and parenting issues, and is a mom of three (including one set of twins). She is an open-minded free spirit, always ready for new adventures. Faith, family and finances are the core of her value system.