Through the science of magnetism, and learning how to use it proficiently, you can conquer difficulties and imperfections by learning the skills necessary to command nature at will. Through the hypnotic technique of body relaxation, directing consciousness, fixation, suggestion and sensory imagination, you can literally magnetize your material mind with the object of your desire. By anesthetizing the body, relaxing it to the point of losing all awareness of it, allows the imagination free reign. We can enter into a state of pure experience free of all distraction. By fixating your attention, stating and repeating a suggestion while creating a sensory experience of it in your imagination, creates a form of memory that can act to program your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, which is experiential in nature, operates out of memory. Memory can be created either through actual experience, or imagined experiences.

The imagination is not merely “visual” or a form of visualization, but rather the ability to use all of your senses to create a life-like experience of a desired idea. You imagine the desired idea as if you are actually having the experience of it. As you focus on it, you say a form of affirmation which sets an intention for the experience, then imagine what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling tasting, and what you are telling yourself (internal dialogue) about the experience. This not only creates a memory of your desired experience, but you simultaneously identify with it, which shifts your identity in accordance with it, which magnetizes it.

Relax your body to the point of losing awareness of it. Focus your attention on what you desire to magnetize. Initiate a powerful suggestion as a form of affirmation that is spoken with emotional intensity. Then, pause and feel the sensation. Create it as an actual experience that has emotional impact. Feel the sensations of the experience as deeply as you can. See, hear, feel and tell yourself a story about the idea you are fixated on.

Whatever we experience we relate to and identify with. If we desire union with a physical reality, then we remain identified in our everyday life. By releasing attachment to getting our sense of our self through our material possessions, roles and external stimulus, we can enter into a state of union with Universal consciousness and create experiences that we can identify with. Our individual consciousness can begin identifying with Universal consciousness. When we can do this successfully, the whole Universal magnetic field is under our command. The mind has the ability to command the natural elements and direct living forces into various material expressions. It engages in a cooperative flow. In an expanded state of cooperative flow, all resistance subsides and a quickening takes place. We transcend time and experience eternity.

On the individual plane of existence, our body, physical senses and mind are magnetized and are completely under our control. Magnets are created through alignment. In a trance state the whole body becomes magnetized and it fills with an electromagnetic concentration, vibration, and pulsation that form coherence. It produces physical changes as natural correspondences. The body is void of pain, breathing is reduced and becomes occasional, heart falls into sync with the rhythms of the earth and circulation of the blood becomes more effectual. Every particle of our body begins pulsating with increased blood flow, energy and a feeling of magnetism. We can feel the pull of a gravitational field produced by our imagination. In advanced states, you enter into a kind of Universal rapport that feels like you are apart of a whole atmosphere and universal field vibrating in sync that creates an experience of euphoria. It forms a kind of all-pervading pulsation that creates at once an expanding and contracting feeling. You expand into and become apart of your desire, then pull it back and into yourself in the same experience as a rhythmic flow or kind of cosmic dance.

All physical and mental illness and disease are released from the system through a form of magnetism. Where we become an open conduit for energy to flow as a union and alignment with a higher state of being where disease doesn’t exist. The energetic reality of that state acts to modify our current energetic state by equalizing all imbalances and bringing the whole system back into a harmonious state of it’s origin. Through an advanced form of hypnosis or guided meditation, you can become your own surgeon and operate on your own mind, removing the cause of disease from your physical body. The body is the physical manifestation of the mind. Advanced states of meditation and hypnosis allow you to construct a bridge between the physical and the metaphysical. Between Mind and matter. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Linda Gadbois, DES.,CCHt.
Education, Training & Mentoring for personal Transformation and Spiritual Awakening

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Doctor of Spiritual Sciences
BA Clinical Hypnotherapy
NLP Master and Trainer