There is an old African saying, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ If you see, the saying did hold true when people used to live in joint families. There were grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts, all sharing the responsibility of the children in the family, and as such, raising kids seemed much simpler back then. However, today, this saying couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

As nuclear families with dual-income parents become the norm, it is getting increasingly challenging for parents to support their kids’ emotional, intellectual, or social skills development needs. In short, parenting has turned more demanding today than ever before.

However, no matter how tough the going gets, giving the kids the best holistic education is always on the top of every parent’s to-do list; and it, in fact, should be! As children grow from infants to adults, they cross several developmental milestones that have an impact on different aspects of their personalities. These include intellectual development, social and emotional development, physical development, cognitive development, and much more. It is extremely necessary to tap into these aspects equally if the aim is to cater to the holistic development of children. This is where parents play a vital role in shaping the body, mind, and soul of their kids, and thus their involvement in the growth and learning journey of children is imperative.

At The Navyandhra School, one of the Top Ten Schools in Gurgaon, we firmly believe that the role of parents in the holistic development of their children can never be stressed enough. Especially in a learning framework like ours where equal emphasis is put on the emotional, psychological, and social development of kids along with their intellectual and academic development, it is necessary that parents remain actively involved. We hence conduct regular activities at our school to encourage parents not just to be ‘involved’ but be ‘engaged’ in their kid’s learning journey.

So, in this blog today, we, at The Navyandhra School, are highlighting the many benefits of parental involvement in the holistic development of kids and have also listed out some ways parents can become more engaged in the day-to-day learning needs of their little ones. Read on.

Parental Role in Emotional and Psychological Development of Kids

Every small or big interaction that parents have with their kids at home has a direct impact on how they look at the world when they grow up. The more positive these interactions are, the more well-rounded personality the child grows into.

At The Navyandhra School, we believe that in today’s world, it is not only essential to be skilled at work or studies, but it is equally important (if not more) to be compassionate to others, resilient, open to criticism, etc. However, no amount of book-based learning can teach a child how to respect others. That’s something only parents (and family members) can lead by their actions. So next time when you are a little free from your busy schedule, don’t just hand over the iPad to your kid. Instead, engage with them personally. Maybe try some new DIY, give the kids some basic gardening lessons or simply read a book together. Even a small act of involvement goes a long way to shape your child’s mind and fulfill his/her emotional and psychological needs.

Parental Role in Social and Behavioural Development

It is a well-known fact that children learn how to behave in different social situations by copying their parents. For instance, when you speak nicely to your house help and respect them, your kids automatically learn to do the same and eventually continue with compassionate behavior outside their home set-ups as well.

However, it has been seen that children with unhappy or hostile home environments often end up suffering from severe social anxiety or show unwanted social behavior when they grow up. Hence, it is very important that parents try and regulate their home environment and make it a safe and comforting place for the children. Remember, an occasional disagreement is one thing (and there is no way to stop them), but how you handle such disagreements is what is important.

From the context of disciplining your child, avoid all forms of punishment techniques that remove the positive stimulus. Instead, use positive reward-based disciplining methods only. As one of the most trusted Best Schools in Gurugram, we, at The Navyandhra School, would suggest you to hold your patience and calm whenever dealing with your children. Speak politely and use rewards as a reinforcement to mark good behavior in them.

Parental Role in Academic Development of children

No holistic learning framework is ever complete without a mention of academic intelligence. In this regard, parents play a key role along with the teachers to define their child’s learning trajectory. While most parents understand the importance of participating in some aspects of their child’s education, they often don’t do enough or miss out on critical things like communication with teachers, active participation in school activities and parents’ clubs, and more.

At The Navyandhra School, we believe that in order to unleash and benefit from the full potential of parent-child interactions, you must try to sync with all aspects of your kid’s education and school life, no matter how trivial it may be. When children see their parents taking an interest in school activities, they naturally feel more driven to perform better and attain a healthy outlook towards the entire learning process.

Summing Up

At The Navyandhra School, one among the leading Best Schools in Gurgaon, we strongly believe that parents are the very first teachers for their children, and there’s no reason why parents shouldn’t be the favorite ones for the kids. After all, parents not only remain involved in the academic or cognitive growth of kids but also impart them the crucial life lessons and much more. It hence won’t be wrong to say that parents are nothing less than the life coach for their kids.

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We, at Schools in Gurgaon, recognize as well as appreciate the role that the parents play in the overall development of kids, and thus always try from our end to keep the parents involved in the learning process of children by way of some fun and engaging activities. We are certain that with consistent and dedicated efforts from both the parents and teachers, our children will benefit the most and have a smooth learning and growing journey ahead.