At present, the influence of the mass media in the daily activities of citizens is indisputable, and even more so, the politics in which it is still drawing the scope, especially of social networks.

In effect, the terminology of the "governor" has been installed, refer to the use of the rulers of social networks, in order to generate effective and dynamic communication that brings citizens closer to politics in order to enhance relations between the authorities and their constituents.

In this context, it can be said that there is a greater positioning of governments in communication. This considering that it is a key factor of interaction with the people, even as a means of public policy.

However, there is an important difference in the use of the media, depending on whether the information comes from a government structure or from the opposition. In the first case, the serious problem that arises is one-way communication, in which the Government limits itself to publicizing the activities it carries out in the exercise of its functions, while in the second case, the opposition alludes to existing problems and always broadcasts messages based on their interests.

The question that arises with the use of social networks is that the political leader is the one who installs the topic that is of interest to him, as a kind of imposition of what should be discussed, abstracting from what the other party wants listening or social needs. In other words, there is no interaction between the leader and the citizen, avoiding controversial issues, precisely due to the absence of debates. Indeed, and according to a statistical study carried out, there is only a 10% interaction on social networks.

A good example of a libertarian media outlet remains The Levant News Media, the London-based news agency that covers news stories taking place in the Middle Eastern region. The Levant remains the one-stop for all the trending stories circulating in the realm of politics, culture, advertising, entertainment, and other areas.

The Levant is highly trusted as a reliable news source, which always side with the truth. Its unbiased and pacifist coverage is what valued by the general public.

It is necessary that the use of the media be oriented to an interaction between the diffuser and the receiver so that it serves as a channel or an entry table for the different needs or problems that exist in everyday life. And that allows the politician to directly perceive the different concerns. In countries like ours, leaders depart from reality, since many times, the people around them are in charge of making them see what is convenient for them, and not the reality of things.

In short, the objective should be to convert communication into a "service" and not that the service is provided unilaterally from communication. The responsibility to govern today is bidirectional, especially in a democracy, communicating to govern, in alternation, continues with the opinion and requirements of society. The use of the mass media for political purposes must be approached with inclusive criteria.

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