Bill has a knack for getting things messed up.

He always makes New Year resolutions but is seldom able to stick to them. Nothing seems to work out and the desirable is seldom achieved.

With Christmas and Thanksgiving get-togethers, Bill got along with friends, danced his heart out and ate to his heart's content as well.

By the time New Year's party was over, Bill came to realize that he was more than his chubby self. For the first time in years, Bill was actually alarmed.

With his love for being a foodie and cherishing cuisines from all corners of the globe intact, Bill was sure that he wouldn't be dieting anytime soon. But Bill was feeling down. He wanted to be shapelier, just like his friends, and was sure that it made him more desirable.

He had to work out a plan, and he wanted a plan to be in place. He was looking for a simple plan to lose weight, which would be the right way to go about things.

One of his friends suggested a gym subscription, but Bill hardly had time for that. Still there was no end to his desire to have a slimmer disposition.

Over the next few days which passed, Bill made up his mind to join the gym, just 3 days a week.

But over time, he came to realize that he simply did not want to drive down to the gym after a hard day's work. And while at the gym, he faced some difficulties as well. Bill just did not seem to gel with the environment. He somehow did not mind waiting for his turn to hit the equipment, but expenditure of time was a problem nonetheless.

As a couple of weeks passed, Bill came to realize that he could no longer reach the gym on time. The idea of joining the gym was no longer successful, and Bill found himself taken over by his initial worries.

Bill then stumbled across a solution that worked!

He came to realize that by going for the right kind of home gym equipment, he would no longer have to worry about driving down to the gym. Home gym equipment would be at his disposal, and he could use it at any time he preferred.

So Bill could now use his home gym equipment while he relaxed and watched television. Moreover, Bill realized that if he made a onetime investment in home gym equipment, he would not have to pay the recurring gymnasium fees, or worry about an ongoing gym subscription.

Ab Rocket is one of a kind home Gym Equipment to let you lose weight and transform your persona. This lets you do Ab crunches, side crunches and is a complete workout for toning up your upper body, hips, legs and thighs.

Use the easy to set up apparatus at any time of the day and get flat abs in no time. With just five minutes of everyday use, you have not just a slimmer waist, but also a more primed upper and lower body.

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