The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship you will ever have. Your personal relationship is the foundation all others will be built upon. Without this foundation, then it is a matter of time before the others crumble around your feet. We all have to remember to take care of our own needs and wants, whether they are with our body, mind or spirit. If you have a good relationship with yourself, then you will have the same your romantic and other relationships.

As an individual, you have to accept responsibility and take action for our own short comings. You have to pay attention to your feelings, recognize what those feelings are, and what needs to be done to satisfy those feelings. Stuffing them away inside you will never solve any issue you have. In fact, that only leads to an accumulation of unresolved issues that eventually get projected into your other relationships. Insecurities can lead to jealous behavior, depression leads to isolation, and so on. Expecting your partner to fix those projections is futile, as they are just the projections of your own internal issues, and those issues can only be addressed by yourself. That would be like trying to catch a shadow, instead of what is causing the shadow.

Every individual has three main groupings of needs, and they all have to receive attention in order to feel complete, and happy. Those groupings are needs of the body, needs of the mind, and needs of the spirit or character. Focusing on only one or two of those will still leave you unfulfilled and cause you to project those deficiencies on someone else. Of course not all the needs will require the same amount of attention at all times, so you will have to be open to yourself to understand where your attention is to be directed at the correct time. You have to listen and pay attention just as in any relationship.

The Body:

Our physical bodies are very important not only to our personal relationship, but also to our relationship with others (especially to our partner). It is our bodies that move us around, allow us to touch and feel, and gives the visual stimulation we all enjoy. Men and women alike appreciate a fit body, and it is natural to enjoy a fit body in close quarters. It is also natural to appreciate a fit body on ourselves, as well as feel insecure about an unfit body. The good news is that anyone can have a fit body; all it takes is self control, self discipline, and a desire to look good. A fit and healthy body will not only encourage your partner to look at you more, but will give yourself confidence and vigor that can carry into other things.

If the needs of your body are neglected, especially over long periods of time, then this is when you begin to get those warning signs from yourself typically in the form of insecurities. If you are not paying attention to those warning signs, then the insecurities can cause you to push your partner away. Not because your body is becoming unappealing, but because insecurities are not attractive. A confident overweight person can be more appealing and attractive than an insecure fit and healthy person. Self confidence goes a long way with almost anyone. However people who are not happy with their bodies tend to think it is their bodies that are the unappealing part of them and resentments and other ugly behavior can grow, because they are not listening to themselves.

The Mind:

The mind is important to exercise, just like our bodies. Keeping the mind sharp and being able to converse with others goes a long way in any relationship, whether it is romantic, work, or personal. You don't have to be a genius, but you can certainly inspire yourself to work towards that goal. Reading books and mind games are good ways to keep your mind sharp. Turn off those reality TV shows and video games, and exercise the noggin. People become closer to the people they talk with on a regular basis. Communication is how we interact with each other, and it is how we meet our romantic partners too. The more we have to talk about intelligently, the more interesting we are to other people. If someone can not talk intelligently to others, then that is someone others will begin to try to avoid talking to. If you are not talking to someone, you are not bonding and forming a quality relationship with them.

The Spirit or Character:

Our character is how we treat other people, and how others see us. It is also how we see ourselves. This area can be one of the most neglected areas within us. People tend to become complacent about the person they are even if they don't really like that person. The sad part is if you don't like who you are, then how can someone else to like you; much less love you. People with sub par characters will attract other sub par characters. If they do find someone with a good character, they will tend to have insecurities in other areas, which mean you are still going to be dealing with temporary and or unhealthy relationships. You really have to be honest with yourself, and face your character flaws, as it is this area that will bring you the most unhappiness in your life. People with poor characters may experience happiness, but it is always fleeting. People with strong and caring characters tend to be happier naturally, provided they are meeting their other need groups.

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