If you’ve been involved with motivation and/or self-help for any length of time, you’ve no doubt hear of the book “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction.

Simply stated, the Law of Attraction says that whatever you expect to be or happen in life – really expect deep down – will happen. It says that you cannot consistently entertain negative thoughts and expect positive results.

I happen to agree with this assessment. After all, it IS the law, is it not?…

Whether or not you believe this attraction thing is a "law" - or simply some idea cooked up to sell more books - is not really the point. Everyone has their own life and their own experiences. Those who teach and write about the Law of Attraction say simply that they've seen it work in their lives, and they attempt to share this profound truth with others.

The problem is that, of those who really know and practice the Law of Attraction to the point of realizing great success - I lovingly call them “The Great Ones” - very few of them truly understand the depth of the roots of world negativity. Although these great ones may have had challenges, their challenges were met by an inner strength that was able to withstand and overcome the difficulties. This is why it is so hard for them to understand others who fail consistently to meet and overcome challenges.

The great ones inherently have what I call the "Seed of Success," whereas the vast majority of humans have been born into a state of mind and heart that can described many ways. I call it the “Seed of Failure.”

This is why affirmations work for some, not others. Goals and resolutions work for some and not others. In fact, it is very hard for most people - those with a built-in seed of failure - to change their thoughts and take action in the direction of their greatest desires.

But why? Let’s explore this universal dilemma…

First of all, just because you are able to “attract” something does NOT mean you can recognize, assimilate or manifest it when it arrives! Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you have a Vitamin D deficiency. Normally, sunlight is the answer and all you have to do is sit in it for a few hours. Problem solved, right? Well . . .

I discovered that just because the sun hits the skin does NOT mean that the result is Vitamin D. In fact, there are many people who live in tropical (i.e., very sunny) climates who suffer from this deficiency! Their bodies are simply unable to assimilate the benefits and produce the required vitamin. This, by the way is true of all vitamins, minerals, and most supplements. Many people either have problems digesting them, or assimilating them in other ways . . . and these problems lead to disease.

Now let’s look at positive thinking - the first step (according to many who teach the Law of Attraction) for attracting a desired result. Let’s say you spend days, months or even years “thinking positive” and wiping out all negativity in your life. For many people this will indeed produce very positive results.

For some who suffer from the "Seed of Failure,” however, things will only stay the same or get worse. Why? They were unable to assimilate this positive input and manifest the results outwardly. Let me explain. . .

You must have a real sense of what you desire inside before it actually manifests in your world outside. In fact, that’s the way the mind works and world manifests: from above-down and inside-out!

If you ever have a thought about something like, “Hmm, I think I want some green tea and Thai food”?

First, there appears to be a feeling, i.e., the body says there’s a hunger or thirst present. The feeling arises in the body that “I’m hungry.” Then the memory kicks in, something like “I really like Thai food because it was really tasty last week!”

Once the thoughts and feelings converge inside, a desire arises: “I want Thai food.” Then, you begin to make plans. You’re feet begin to walk to the door, you grab your keys, you go to the car, you get in to the car, you drive with your wife, boyfriend, girlfriend to the Thai restaurant; you sit, you order, the green tea and food comes, and you eat.

Then something happens: the fulfillment of that desire takes place.

But really, what happened first? Was it the thought or was it the impulse that brought the thought about? The answer is the impulse happened first.

The impulse arises and then the thought arises. Then some action happens and achievement takes place, i.e., being at the Thai restaurant and ordering the food. Then the fulfillment of that desire: tasting the food.

So, if you want something to happen outside, the Law of Manifestation states that you must first have this impulse, this thought, this desire inside. This law – like the Law of Attraction – works for both positive or negative thoughts or impulses. It doesn’t care. Who you are deep inside is what you manifest.

Something arises within your consciousness that says “I want this,” then the thought manifest as an outside ripple of actions and events. This means that

- Thoughts are not something that you do.
- Thoughts are things that you have.
- Thoughts arise from deep within your consciousness.

There IS a way to direct your destiny. In addition to the law of Attraction, you must, through muscle testing and other means, begin to find out where those impulses lie and where those thoughts actually came from.

Once you tap into hidden reservoirs of thought previously unavailable to you, you quickly discover the reasons why certain thoughts, feelings and desires arise within you in the first place. You will also learn how to change and redirect them when necessary!

So long as the original reasons are there, all you can do is have the original thought and desire. And, consequently, you can only have the original (i.e., predestined) outcome. The Law of Attraction - based on the higher Law of Manifestation – can only attract those impulses that lie at the core of your soul . . . beyond any thought!

If you want different outcomes, tap into that hidden reservoir of intelligence and desire. Find out where the thought comes from.

It’s fairly simple to do. Using feedback techniques, ask your body about these deeper impulses. Only your body and so-called subconscious mind can tell you these things.

Once done, you will be able to change decisions on a very deep level and create what you want inside so that very soon you’ll be able to manifest your goals outside.

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