Adenoids keep the body in balance by stabilizing the ability to process food, assimilate nutrients, fortify any essential nutrients and stabilize the nervous system.

When adenoids have been removed from children, many problems occur later in life. One of these problems is with the skin. The skin regenerates rapidly and therefore requires direction. The adenoids change molecular function as needed to repair the body. Without the adenoids it regenerates at random without regard to elasticity or reparation. The adenoids required direction from the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland tells the stomach to digest, the intestines to absorb, and the bowels to discharge waste. Without the pituitary gland, the body would not know what to do. When the adenoids are removed it becomes necessary for the body to change direction and make other organs try to replace the function of the adenoids. Restore the lost function by regenerating adenoids and see what happens. Restore all of your missing body parts and you will find yourself wondering how you did without them.

Is regenerating possible? Anything is possible. Human beings have no limitations except that which they place upon themselves.


Tonsils also require understanding. They are needed to keep the body in line in regard to molecular changes that happen over time. Your tonsils are needed to reduce molecular dysfunction. This molecular dysfunction is caused by many agents that attack the body. The spine is a good example. It may be deformed due to the inability of the stabilizing effects of the tonsils. There are many instances of molecular dysfunction in the body (of a person who has their tonsils removed) overwhelming them with the inability to concentrate well. The tonsils can repair that. Tonsils require an absolutely clean environment. They need adequate nutrition. Chronic tonsillitis is caused by chemical agents in food and drinking water. Keep the diet clear of any poisonous substances. Bless your food. This can make a tremendous difference. You have the power to transmute any chemical agent with your mind; however, this must be consistent and thorough. The mind is a powerful thing. Right now it (the mind of most people) is under the control of others who use them to their advantage.

Enlarged Tonsils and Adenoids

Many things can cause the tonsils (and adenoids) to be enlarged; toxic matter in the water, drinking substances that are toxic in general. All cola beverages and the like are toxic to the body. There are many more reasons, infection in the body which can be far removed from the tonsils. Earaches, digestive problems, there is no end to the list. Chronic digestive problems inflame both tonsils and the adenoids. Polluted food is the primary culprit in most cases. The tonsils are sensitive (especially in young children) and require a diet that is free from chemicals and additives. Polluted drinking water will keep the tonsils inflamed.

One of the dangers of drinking water in the developed countries of the world is the chlorine and fluoride that is added to it. Chlorine is detrimental and fluoride is worse. These are agents that can kill in large quantities. What makes people think that small quantities of these substances are safe? Organic food, properly cleansed, is needed by the body to flourish. Don’t think that there is an easy answer. The body must be treated with respect. Toxic matter inflames the bowels as well. For children it is important they are given a diet that is free from all chemicals and additives of any kind. They are especially prone to infections from toxic matter. Please understand that this is essential to keep them healthy. Far too many children are eating food is not fit for rats.

Emotional causes also effect the body and these also vary. Basically people need to see themselves as well. People are being brainwashed into sickness. What people read and hear weakens the immune system. Fear is the main emotional cause. Fear is the most devastating emotion and blocks the immune system. There is no immune system when fear is in control. People need to see themselves as perfect and they will be. It is their vision of lack that causes them problems. When they see themselves as less than perfect, that makes it so. Everyone could resolve all physical problems if they believe in their power to make it so.

Always remember - “You are Divine. You have the power to do anything you choose. Believe in this and it will happen.”

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Jean Logan is an ordained minister, has a doctorate in Holistic Nutritional Healing, and is a student of many types of energy healing. She is the author of the books “Unlocking the Power of Glyphs” and "Sacred Symbols of Light". All profits from sales of these books will be used to help children in impoverished countries. An accomplished speaker, Dr. Logan can be contacted for speaking engagements through her website (