All you need to do these days in have look online for a life coaching course or an NLP practitioner and you will see that there are many at your disposal. However, you may also find that many of them are specialists in a particular area whilst some offer life coaching across the board. It is up to you to enquire and find the right course for yourself as you are the only person who has an idea about which factor of your life you will need help with. Rather than offering any kind of solution, this article will focus on the roles of a life coaching course which can also be ran by a qualified NLP practitioner.

The roles:

1. Discover - after the initial conversation the coach will dig a lot deeper into your mind than you think. The point of it all is to provide a solution for you but if the coach does not know all the specific details he/she is not able to do this. They have complex skills that will open doors which you did not know you had and base their approach on their findings.

2. Teach – an NLP practitioner or a life coach’s main purpose is to teach you how to handle, solve, approach, view or develop certain factors in your life. If you have a problem with public speaking, you will be taught how to face your fear of that. If you can’t handle stress, you will be taught how to manage it or negate it from your mind.

3. Save you – whilst this may be viewed as a bit too farfetched, think about one thing. If you have a serious problem you need to solve, what would you do without professional help? Chances are you will allow the problem to affect you even more until you get to a point you where you are stuck. Life coaching provides you with an option to leave your problems behind and truly focus on positivity in your life.

4. Challenge you – majority of the time people see an NLP practitioner because they are un-capable to achieve something they want. With the right coaching this can be solved but you will have to put the effort in. Once you complete your mission the feeling of overcoming the challenge can be amongst the best you can experience.

5. Heal – in simple terms, once you finally achieve what you have been looking to achieve you are healed. Whether it is to eliminate the fear of heights, public speaking or stress, once it is done; you have made it. Even though the life coaching course steered you in the right direction, you are ultimately responsible for your success.

The above is a much shortened version of the roles, but they should give you a flavour of how important life coaching is. Remember, you have all that you need within you now to succeed. You simply need someone to release the valve and show you how to be who you need to be.

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