Our thoughts are vibrations and we are the storehouse of these vibrations. Just like a recorder records all the information that we want it to store, our mind stores all the information that we want it to know. The quality of the CD in our recorder determines the quality of our recorded material; similarly, how we respond to different events and experiences in our life is determined by what we choose to store in our minds. The quality of our life is determined by our reactions.

Do we choose to react positively or negatively is under our control when we begin to become aware of this power. Believing that our life events are not determined by us but these are under the control of circumstances and people around us creates a stuck pattern within our energy field.

It is very important to understand that whatever our conscious mind believes to be right is accepted by our sub-conscious as reality. It is more important to understand that our conscious responses are rooted in our subconscious responses we have acquired in the past.
Our sub conscious readily accepts what we pour into our conscious minds. Sub conscious mind is the creative intelligence within each one of us. Learning to tap into that infinite intelligence is a skill that can transform our existence. It is just like saying that when we wear green glasses, the world around us appears to be green; when we put on red glasses, the world around us appears red to us. It is up to us to decide whether we feel the best by wearing green glasses or the red glasses.

The world around us is the representation of our thoughts acquired through our environment and genetic predisposition. We can choose to feel great about everything inside and around us or we can choose the other way around. We are the infinite energy fields and this realization is required to tap into the storehouse of our creative potential.

Creative intelligence and creative thinking are closely related. Once we master the skills of tapping the creative intelligence within us, we can see ourselves using our creative thinking.

Usually, we give meaning to life through the thought patterns accumulated over the years. These thoughts are shaped as we were growing up, some of these shapes change as we find their validity fluctuates with time and finally as we grow up we bake many of these shapes into set moulds. We prefer to use this set of moulds as a representation of who we are. Each one of us has come to believe that this particular kind of thought we believe in is right but few of us are open to realize this may not be true for another person.

Simply educating ourselves first on the infinite variations that can exist in this world due to the infinite intelligence operating through all of us can help us rid of many of the problems arising from subjective ego mindset. This level of understanding can help at least in neutralizing a lot of conflicts generated out of differences in opinions. It could help to open our hearts and respect individual differences without a feeling of threat.

Recognizing the synchronicity present behind the different moulds of thought patterns is the key to tapping into our infinite intelligence. From here on, we can step forth to utilize our energy fields in understanding more about our true selves.

The true self or subconscious mind is not bound by any concrete shapes. Our egoistic representation recognizes different shapes as belonging to us and to the others. Our creative intelligence educates us on these false egoistic representations and expands our conscious thinking. The expanded awareness helps us to recognize the law of synchronicity.

Another way of trying to understand the true self is the way of a Buddhist. In Buddhism, the devotees are instructed to meditate on death. This helps them to see the temporariness of the existence they have learnt to represent as truth. So, death helps us to see this world with a new perspective. The thought of death makes us so helpless. Our strong egos become weak in front of universal truth. Our transformation can be greatly determined by how much we want to understand this fact of life.

Author's Bio: 

Ashoo Modgil is a teacher, intuitive and self development consultant. She started her career as a language teacher but intense trans personal experiences initiated her in the art of self healing.She writes from her direct experiences with the subtle dimensions of energy field ever since she was initiated into the transpersonal process of self healing and self growth. She educates about stress management through her website http://www.stressrelief-skills.com