The world is becoming more amazing to me by the day! It seems as if people have lost their place within their own society and now must be told what to do when it comes to figuring out the pending financial crisis we are heading towards in this world. The funny thing is that it really isn’t a crisis. Crisis by definition, or at least to which I am referring is: An unstable condition, as in political, social, or economic affairs, involving an impending abrupt or decisive change. By definition we are heading for a crisis; however, by assessment we are not. These changes that are happening were inevitable and analysts have warned us for decades of the pending doom of our current economical state.

I say by assessment because the Media would have you believe that, as Chicken Little used to say, “The Sky is Falling”, when in fact the next big Economic Heist and Class System change is about to happen. This means that Rich People are about to become Very Rich! While in turn Poor People will become Very Poor! But there is nothing abrupt about this change however it is very decisive. It strategic in nature and will change a great many things. These changes we have been experiencing for a few years now. And, sadly, they will get worse! You don’t believe me? Check out Robert Kiyosaki’s Best Seller “Conspiracy of the Rich: 8 New Rules of Money”. However, even with these changes, it won’t stop you from getting rich if you truly are moving towards wealth.

I watched an incredible movie last week called Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps starring Michael Douglas, Shia LaBeouf, Josh Brolin, and Frank Langella. In the movie one of the most amazing parts to me was when Frank Langella’s character commented on how the people were being fooled into thinking their dollar was no longer worth anything. (In fact the dollar hasn’t been worth anything since it was taken off the Gold Standard) What he was alluding to was the fact that the game was changing. He even said as much. He mentioned that this was not his game anymore and that people were being told the end is near and they are ready to believe it! This scene was very important as nothing could be truer for us. The Game is changing!

I don’t want to go off into some Social Economic spew here, but I mentioned this to make a point. The only reason that people are running around like Chicken Little, is because they have no idea what to do! How do they get rich in a climate when it seems like more and more people are falling on their swords and allowing not only their homes, but their lives to be foreclosed on? Langella’s character was right! We are, as a society, willing to let the Media feed us the “Doomsday” scenario and it seems like we want it to happen! How about you? Do you want it to happen? Do you want solutions to avoid Doomsday? I will say this… The answer lies in your Focus!

Before I describe this focus, allow me to present a scene. For Centuries now archeologists, historians, and architects alike have all been trying to figure out how the Great Pyramids were constructed. All of these great minds which concluded that it took 14 to 20 years to make one Pyramid, and the next, and so forth, when in fact if this were true then there would be more evidence of how it were done today if indeed it took decades as they say. Wouldn’t it be more evidence if it took almost a Century to construct all of the Egyptian Pyramids? While I don’t profess to know how they were constructed I will say the simplest answer is societal teamwork!

One person did not design them. It took a team of architects, laborers, and stone-makers just to design the concept of the Pyramid. What seemingly is glossed over in the assessment as to how they came to fruition should be as simple as the following statement… It took a Society to Construct the Pyramids! This is evidenced whenever you look at the ground and see ants creating their anthills. It is not just one Ant or a few teams of Ants or the ants that are slaves. The whole society is focused on one goal… to create something great! If you looked at the anthill and its complexity you would too think it would take a very long time to construct. But we know that isn’t true! One day there was nothing and in a couple of days a fully constructed anthill is ready to house the society of Ants.
You never really hear anything stated about a societal effort when they talk about the construction of the Great Pyramids. Usually the conversation regresses to the point that they were constructed merely from Slave Labor. But if you have common sense, you have to know it is true that it took a society to build the Pyramids! Racking your brain on what materials and the specifics on how such a feat was accomplished is really a moot point. Why? Because they exist! And we don’t need their technology to duplicate the feat because we have our own! Look at the Louvre Pyramid in France or the Luxor in Las Vegas. Shouldn’t these great minds contribute to fixing more pressing societal problems and not such trivial ones like How the Pyramids were constructed when the answer is clear?

The same point rings true in our current economic climate. Doesn’t the answer seem simple enough to you on how to amass wealth during this time in history? We should be coming together as we have always done, to see ourselves through these times. Historically we bind together to create something great which can stand the test of time while leaving future generations to wonder at its beauty! And these will indeed be devastating times for quite a few people because nowadays the Ants need to be told they have to build an anthill! We don’t bind together instinctively as a society anymore! Sure we do so in tragic times, sparingly, but is this not a tragedy? What are your instincts telling you to do?

Our society is seeing the worst, not one of the worst, but THE WORST paradigm shift ever and few of us are ready to do anything about it. Why? Because we don’t trust one another! We trust our Televisions, or our Radios, or some News Anchor we never met before. But we don’t trust our brothers and sisters that we see daily. We don’t trust them enough to reach out and say “Hey brother/sister I have something we can do and it will work to make us both financially secure!” Such statements are met with skepticism and fear and often time resentment. Yet when you look at most Social Networking Posts there are numerous quotes on positivity and motivation. This signifies that we are indeed in search of something to hold on to.

I posted a status update on Facebook a while back that read “Never Ever think a Poor Person has No Wisdom! Character & Wisdom are not synonymous with a person’s Bank Account. Some of life’s greatest teachings I learned from Homeless People!” I posted this without stating what the teaching was so I will do it here. A homeless man told me years ago, that in this world “…You can’t trust anybody! But How Can You Survive If You Have No One to Trust?” He told me to think about that. And I did! I thought about it for years because I didn’t know what he meant. Now I do! It took him a few moments to say that but it took me a few years to absorb it!

I won’t get into what it means for me but you should think about what it means for you! Why, because I am here to tell you that you are about seven people away from living a life unlike anything you have ever dreamed. And those seven people are only seven people away, and so on and so forth! That is a Society! A society of individuals seeking one goal… Freedom & Wealth! My business is to Power Network with individuals to show them quick and easy steps to financial freedom! The hardest part any of you will have to do is find seven hungry individuals just like you to take the trip with us! Hey, you don’t even need to put up any money!! We will give you the money! But you must be ready to build a Pyramid!

Think on that! When you are ready… Give Me A Call! As always I wish you…

Success & Nothing Less

C. F.

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