The Power of Simplicity

There is a difference between simple and easy. The greatest things in life are all about simplicity. The most powerful recipe for manifesting the life of your dreams is also the simplest and consists of only two words: Be yourself.

It is simple and very powerful, yet it may not be easy. Most of us, since our early childhood, have been conditioned out of ourselves and out of trusting into our own innate powers and abilities. We were taught to correspond to expectations others had about us, we were told that feeling the way we feel, acting and behaving the way we do was not all right.

Remembering the truth of who you are is the only answer you need for everything that happens in your life. And the truth is that you are a powerful creator and that your whole life experience has always been a reflection of the degree to which you have been aware of that truth or not. As children, we have an intuitive knowing of the power of our own thinking and feeling, yet most of us yield to the pressure of our surroundings and bow to the people we believe to be in charge of power.

And once we lose trust into our power to create whatever we want in our lives, victimhood is born as our state of being and functioning in the world. The essence of victimhood is believing into our own powerlessness. As a consequence, we do not ask ourselves what it is that we truly want to create and manifest in this life, but instead do what we think we are obliged and supposed to do as everyone else is doing it as well.

Also, we will blame other people and circumstances for everything in our life we consider bad and unwanted: just another way of giving away our power and to strengthen our illusion of not being at the cause, but at the effect of all the experiences in our life.
As long as we remain distanced from the truth of our being, we will not be able to open up to the blessings this world of duality brings with it: We will run away from emotions that feel uncomfortable to us, thus turning them into sources of suffering. We will not be able to appreciate contrast and opposition as ways to find even greater clarity and awareness of what it is we truly desire, but rather judge and condemn ourselves and others when our reality does not correspond to how we would like it to be. We will make life as hard, painful and complicated as it can possibly be, simply for having turned away from simplicity.

Every emotion is a messenger. Our emotions are what makes life color- and beautiful, and though it is true that they also indicate the degree toward which our thoughts are either in alignment or out of alignment with our true self, this doesn´t mean that some emotions are better or more positive than others. Experiencing fear or sadness or anger is not a bad thing in itself. It´s our way of assigning meaning to our emotions, judging, analyzing, labeling and categorizing them that turns them into problems and keeps us from simply allowing the energy to flow through us and dissolve.

What actually happens each time we experience contrast, is very powerful. Each time we experience anger, fear, sadness or any other emotion related to something we do not want, a powerful desire for what it is we truly want is born out of that. And the more we can open up to all these emotions without resisting them, the faster we move back into alignment, the more powerful our desire and the signal we emanate out to the universe will be. Also, the more clarity we gain about what it is we truly desire and how to make this come true in our experience. In other words, in order to create our dream life in the most magnificent way imaginable, there is really nothing more to do than to fully open up to what we´re feeling, whatever that is, and to allow clarity and determination to arise. It all happens through being present and available for all the energies with us. That is true simplicity!

But as said, being simple can be very challenging as it is completely out of the context of who most of us have known ourselves to be. Having disconnected from our true nature, fear has come to dominate our experience. Not fear that we feel as an emotion and then watch it transform and dissolve, but fear as a state of being.

Fear is what arises when we doubt our power to create and manifest as feeling powerless makes us feel threatened and in danger - the foundation of fear. So instead of creating our life according to our deepest desires, we have become accustomed to living our lives on the mode of survival. Of trying to get through it all without encountering too much damage. Fear has made us shut down and protect ourselves as much as possible from life´s experiences, first and foremost meaning protecting us from our own unwanted emotions of pain, sadness etc. We have made a habit of judging our emotions, judging ourselves for having them and judging other people for making us feel them to such a degree that the simple knowing of how to feel our emotions and how to make use of their powerful energy for manifesting in this world, eludes us.

Dense and heavy energies have accumulated within our beings as a result of not fully allowing ourselves to feel and be who we truly are. Beliefs of unworthiness, guilt, shame and self-judgment tear us down. But all of this density can actually become your greatest blessing. It can become the greatest fuel for your growth and development if you simply choose to no longer let it define you. To fully open up to all that there is to feel within you without needing to buy into the lies of powerlessness, unworthiness and insufficiency anymore. In this moment of surrender, a new version of you is born, it is like Phoenix emerging from the ashes. It is so easy for us to slip into the trap of judgment, judging ourselves for not being who we believe we should be, how we should act, what we should accomplish, do, not do, whatever. When you feel yourself being drawn into resistance, conflict and judgment, just remember the simple truth of your being, simply be with everything you experience and watch it transform and dissolve into love and into empowerment.

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Benedikt Dommes is a pioneer in the field of bliss coaching, an expert in inner peace, and a gifted author, mainly in the field of spirituality and self-development. His first language is German, but he is equally at ease with English and French.
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