Every day is a new opportunity, a new beginning, an opportunity to live the life you truly want to live. Spirituality uplifts the human spirit. It is governed by love, lovingkindness, compassion, and awareness.

When the mind and body and spirit are aligned, there is a flow from that infinite one into the mind and the body, and out through the voice, through the eyes into the world. When that is there, there is a diminishment of separation. There is a love that flows from the heart into the mind and out into the world. It permeates the body.

That love is unconditional. It does not require that you like this, like that, do this, do that. No; it is unconditional, and it is for everyone.

When you align yourself with that divine love, you align yourself with a love that knows no boundaries, that does not see race, that does not see sex, that does not see species, that does not see good and evil. A love that is so unconditional—an unconditional shower of grace…

Can you love everyone? Can you give that unconditional love not only to those you admire or are close to but to every living being, even those whose behavior you find abhorrent? Unconditional love does not mean that you approve of all actions or that you even stand by a person in their actions.

But it does mean that you care for them, you love them, you understand them, and if they will listen to you, you give kind advice, and if not or if you are in no position to talk to them or have any influence—such as bad leaders—you understand with compassion what has caused them to be as they are. It does not mean you support their behaviors that harm others, but you understand, and you love them; you love the person that they are beneath the difficult behaviors, the wounded child who has grown to a man or a woman and then due to their own wounding and mental, difficulties they enact them in the world and do harm.

For when you are aligned with that shower of grace from the divine, there is nothing else but that, for that is the nature of the infinite aware loving consciousness. There is unconditional love in a shower of grace, and when you align with your divine progenitor, when you make that one the center and the core of your life and you mean it; you align with his qualities, his characteristics; you become one with him, with her; you become one with their qualities and characteristics.

And what is the characteristic of that most precious divine one that you know in the core of your heart? The main characteristic is unconditional loving consciousness, is it not? You feel that shower of grace. It does not mean that it changes the world so that everything goes your way. No, that is not what grace is. Grace is not imposing your ego on the world.

Grace is receiving this unconditional love, attuning and aligning yourself with the nature of divine being. When you attune and align yourself with that nature of divine being and you go to the Guru within, the Guru of your heart, the love of your life, and you surrender, you say, “Lord, Lord, there is nothing for me in this life but you. I want to walk in your footsteps,” then, bowing down and giving all of your assumptions and beliefs and vanity to the infinite one, that one takes you. You surrender yourself.

What remains but that flow of unconditional grace and love? For that is the very nature of that divine one. That one loves everyone; be they good or bad, still they are all his children. They’re all the children of Parama Purusha. And that love is for everyone. It does not discriminate.

When you truly align with that divinity within, with that Guru of your heart, then you align with this love, with this shower of grace. And it becomes who you are. The love you seek comes from within.

And when you seek it within and to everyone without, you just allow the shower of grace and love to flow through you with kindness and support for all living beings, be they human, animal, plant, or even inanimate objects like a rock or a mountain. Can you not love it all, love this creation? For it is the form of the beloved of your heart. That one has complete love for all beings, complete love in the shadow and in the light, in the dark, in the sun; all is of the one.

Aligning yourself with that beloved of your heart, you become a vehicle of love unconditional. That becomes your nature. And the more you align with that one, the more that nature rises to the surface, and you become that infinite love. You become one with the beloved of your heart. That divinity flows through you in this grace and love.

This is your natural home, and it is from that one within that you find your deep love. Some people may return your love; others may not. But can you love them either way? Not seeking the return from them, but knowing it is within you, in the heart of your beloved. There lies the love. There is the one who gives you love, who always loves you, who always cares for you.

Others may show kindness and care and love, or they may not. It doesn’t matter. You give love to everyone.

Then you begin to truly know your Baba, then you begin to truly know who you are and who Guru is. And you align yourself with Guru, with that infinite grace. Take this message to heart.

Author's Bio: 

Maetreyii Ma Nolan, Ph.D. is an author of spiritual books, a teacher of mysticism and yoga, and a psychologist in private practice. She is also an expert in yoga philosophy. Dr. Nolan has a school for mystic yogic teachings called Ananda Gurukula. She has years of experience leading retreats, teaching yoga teacher trainings, yoga therapy trainings, and meditation trainings.

Through her own meditative practice and deep personal connection to Divine Source, she has gained profound insights and understanding that she shares in her writings, webinars, trainings, and personal guidance.