091513_beingness_3All creation begins with Beingness. (1) Who you are being (2) determines what you will be doing (3) determines the experiences you will have in your life. Being-Doing-Having …that is the process of manifestation. So many folks get it backwards. “If I only had a million dollars, then I would do all of those things that are important to me, and then I would be a productive, happy human being.”


The light of day is found in the consciousness of truth. And the truth is that you have a divine gift granted to you at birth. You have ‘free will’ to decide who you are going to BE. Rich man, poor man, beggar man or thief – which shall it BE? Which role will you decide is best for thee?

Choosing who you will BE requires being aware of who you are right now and deciding whether or not it is working for you. Over the next five blogs, I will offer you five simple tips to help you handle the matter of: “Who am I … and … who do I choose to BE?” I call them Beingness Tips:

Beingness Tip # 1: I AM is a self-definition.


Right now ask yourself, “If I was to define who I choose to be in one easy sentence, what key words would I use in that sentence?” Now list the words; write them down on a piece of paper. Don’t get lazy about this.

With each Beingness Tip that I offer you – you are treating the subconscious level of your mind with a new idea that you want it to absorb as true. If you persist, and follow through with all five tips in an orderly fashion – your subconscious will begin to serve you in new ways that you’ve not yet experienced. Have faith. Faith in what? Faith in yourself!


Find all 5 tips HERE.

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Rob White is an author, storyteller & philosopher. Rob created RobWhiteMedia.com as a way to provide individuals with all the resources they need to wake up to the power of WOW. Rob has dedicated his life to inspire individuals to realize and accomplish their own life goals by providing seminars, workshops, videos, articles, blogs, books and original animation shorts.

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