The power of affirmations has long been promoted by all the self-help gurus and masterminds the world over.

But what are affirmations, and how do they work?

Affirmations are simply statements that we say we say to our self that are either positive or negative in nature. We use affirmations every day. These affirmations basically come in the form of our self-talk or inner dialogue that constantly goes around in our heads.

To get a better grasp of how affirmations actually work and the theory behind them, it’s important first to have a good understanding of how our mind works.


When we come into this world, our brain is like one huge sponge soaking up all the information that it is fed. The source of this information comes from all the experiences and situations we encounter has we grow up towards adulthood.

Our parents, family, friends, teachers and colleagues generally shape our life experiences in the early years.

All this information that is being fed to us is channeled through what we call our conscious mind into our subconscious or unconscious mind.


Our subconscious is by far the most powerful part of our mind.

If you think of our mind as a computer then your subconscious is the hard drive of that computer. It’s the part of your mind that stores every experience, situation, feeling and emotion, both positive and negative that we’ve encountered throughout our lives.

You have to admit that’s a fair bit of information.

Now, one of the main benefits of all this stored information within our subconscious mind is to help keep us safe from any danger. A good example of this is when you were young, your curiosity led to you to check out your surroundings which often tested the boundaries of safety.

Perhaps you can remember a time when you may have approached a hot stove and through your curiosity you touched a red hot cooking ring and suffered a very nasty burn.

When you experience a situation such as this, your subconscious mind will relate pain and being burnt to the extreme heat from a hot stove, and therefore pre-warn, or guard you when you ever come across a hot stove again.

Our subconscious does in fact employ this very same method with every situation in our lives. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s this part of our mind that stores all our experiences, situations, feelings and emotions.

All this information that we gather and store literally goes on to create our dominant habits, beliefs and behaviors, which in turn moulds and creates our life and destiny.


Another very important thing to know is that your external environment is and always will be a reflection of your internal environment. Put another way, the life you’re currently living is a mirror image of the thoughts and beliefs you hold deep in the recesses of your mind.

So can you see how important and powerful the mind is and in particular the subconscious mind?

Let me ask you a straight forward question.

Are you happy with how your life is at the moment?

If not, then it probably means you need to start reprogramming your mind.


You may think that it would really difficult to re-program your mind.

But in fact this can be done relatively easily and quickly

One of the most powerful and most effective ways of reprogramming the mind is through the power of affirmations.

I mentioned at the beginning of this article, affirmations are simply the positive and negative statements you say to yourself every day. These can come in the form

It is this self talk and inner dialogue that determines your consistent thoughts. What’s more, it is those consistent thoughts that have brought you to where you are in your life today.

So by changing those consistent thoughts, the course of your life will automatically change.

Using affirmations is an extremely powerful technique to help you do this.

Before you use affirmations, you first have to become a persistent observer of your thoughts. When you notice yourself thinking self-defeating, negative thoughts you must change that thought to one that’s positive in that very moment. Doing this immediately will neutralize the negative thought there and then and prevent it from taking hold and adding to the rest of the garbage you store within your subconscious.

The whole purpose of using affirmations is to convince your mind that what you’re consistently affirming is the truth.

This may be difficult at first, but like everything, the more you do it the easier it becomes.

What is also vital is to add as much emotion as possible to your affirmations. Emotion is the driving force that powers your affirmations.

Your subconscious mind will not be able to turn your affirmations into reality unless you attach a high emotional energy to every statement. Your subconscious responds best when emotion is present.

So when you’re saying your affirmations and it’s worth noting, this can be done by reciting them out loud or in your head, get into the feeling that what you’re saying is actually true. Visualize the scene; hear all the sounds, and create the feelings and emotions that what you desire is already yours.

Your mind holds the key to you achieving every desire possible. Once you take control of your mind, you will begin to take control of your life. Your destiny is before you. Create the life you’ve always dreamed of through the power of affirmations.

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Affirmations help develop a positive attitude toward life, which is essential to becoming happier and more successful. A positive attitude is the key to achieving whatever you want. Discover the formula to manifest EVERYTHING you desire through the power of affirmations.