Today I borrowed a friend’s car (red corvette) to run some errands. I stopped at the service station to fill it up with gas. There was a very good looking young man getting gas as well. He asked me what year the car was. I replied that I didn’t know as it was a friend’s car. He then said, “Well your friend has very good taste in cars…and women.” I was so surprised, it took me a minute to get the words, Thank You, out of my mouth. I drove away feeling very good about myself…all because of a compliment from a young, good looking stranger.

Can we do that for other people? Help them feel better about themselves, just by paying a quick compliment. Of course, we can. It only takes a second to notice something good about another person and say it to him or her. A good truthful positive statement to another person can make the difference in how he feels about himself.

Will you pay someone a compliment today?

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Judi Moreo is an author, speaker, and life coach. She has written 11 books including “You Are More Than Enough: Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power.” Judi can be reached at or go directly to her website by going to