The past can power your present, if you let it.
I would like to make you aware of an amazing aspect of your brain using the following example:
You are driving your car early in the morning. You have to run some errands and visit a store, which is about 45 minutes from your house. While driving, you see the sun come up. It offers a warm and peaceful feeling. Your mind plunges in thoughts of last evening when you had some friends over for dinner. You relive the nice conversation you had with your friends about plans for their upcoming vacation to Europe. She wants you to come along with her to spend some time together. You’ve always wanted to go to Europe – especially Italy! Besides the cultural aspect, which fascinates you, the delicious food you’d heard so much about is a big plus too:). While driving, you weigh the pros and cons and along the way you get more and more excited about the trip to Europe. And then, suddenly, you’ve arrived at the store!
Maybe you’re thinking, ‘where is this story going?’
Okay here it is :).
I’m sure, somehow, you can relate to the story above. So here’s my question for you. While you were thinking about all kinds of things, were you fully aware of what was happening on the road? Were you fully paying attention to all the other cars and upcoming left and right turns OR did you JUST drive and arrive perfectly without missing a light, a cross road or a stop sign? While you were day dreaming about your visit to the Grand Canal in Venice Italy, who was driving the car?

The subconscious always has your back!
In these types of situations you function on a sort of ‘autopilot’ in which you let your subconscious lead the way. You were able to get to your destination- which you’ve done dozens of times before, because of the millions of pieces of information and data you already stored in your subconscious from previous experiences! This data makes up the comparison materiel your subconscious uses to process and address every new moment.
Do you remember when you first got your driver’s license? Think back to that time for a moment. For many of us, there was excitement the moment we passed that test and posed for the very first ID picture!
That excitement quickly turned to nervousness and focus the first time you sat behind the wheel. On the road, you were so focused, that it was even hard to have a conversation because you were so concentrated on every line on the street, every sign, every turn signal and every car on the road- all while trying to remember all of the laws and information you learned during your practice and tests. Everything that your senses perceived during this first drive became part of your comparison materiel in your subconscious. The more you drove, the more and more confident you became- until one day you reached the point where you could daydream, have a conversation with your passenger or speak on the phone and STILL arrive to your destination!
Can you imagine having to figure out how to drive and having to re-learn every state law every time you got in the car? How frustrating would that be? And pretty scary too! I for one, would never drive if that was the case!! On the other hand, this would make a great “excuse” for being late at an appointment

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