The Onion addicts and fans can now catch the upbeat satire news on their Apple devices.

America’s most sort after ‘fake news’ organization that focuses on strong irony or sarcasm with straight humor with a primary intention to help society into a positive improvement. So, in case you are one light hearted person who takes the intentions of the Onion seriously then you would not want to miss this feature on your ipad.

Satire news impresses people other than celebrities and Politian fraternity, but for a commoner the straight humor kindles thoughts of genuine enlightenment. The Onion app aims in giving the data found on the official website to its fans around the US even when they have travelled to a distant land. The Onion being famous and an abstract news delivery system to the public, has taken the move in having their app on the istores for staying in touch with their fans.

The Onion app on your iphone offers few different ways to browse stories ranging from the most popular to the recent updates on the Onion’s official website. The app is developed to meet all the requirements with the capacity of serving 7 million readers of the Onion news and has been crafted with perfection for an unmatched user experience. Leading social media networks like Face book, Twitter being the medium of sharing the favorite and the most recent updates in the form of videos or posts on the Onion website. The streaming of the videos directly from the website is done and the user can view the same on the idevices. The multi-media data in form of videos, info graphics, American voices, stat shots and other form of data can be accessed seamlessly by the user. With no network coverage, this app is designed to show you your desired information even offline. The method involves you to like the content for the app to showcase it to you on the device at a time suitable to you.

The facility of searching the web archives is made easier by allowing the user to find the desired data by an appropriate keyword. Satire news can get addictive, so the fans of Onion can relax with the official app and be entertained even when on wheels! The beauty of this app to readily store the information for a later reference makes it even more desirable for the Onion addicts. So when you are travelling and have liked your favorite content on the Onion site, you can enjoy your journey with the recent satire news.

Going on with technical details of the Onion news app has the unthinkable potential of bring to you the 37 content types. The prominent types of data that can be listed out are the slideshows, news, horoscopes, editorial cartoons, radio programs, video news and many more. It is a well known fact that mobile version of the website has a limitation of viewing image based content. This app solves the issues related to image viewing by having an image viewer with zoom in and zoom out option for that customizable visual treat! The in-app ads and their respective landing pages are shown in the application itself to avoid any ambiguity related to the actual news or the promotions on the Onion. So here is the deal of complete awareness about the ad that has just come to your attention!

Any additional information that has been missed out in this article is mentioned with accurate detailing about the application’s advanced functionalities and also the feedback from the customer is also incorporated to make the app to meet perfection levels. The end users could also report bugs if found and also make suggestions to improve the news app for a better customized experience. The provision of availing details regarding the ads found within the app is also available for the user satisfaction.

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