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Newport Oregon,

Oregon State researchers recently patented a new strain of seaweed that grows unbelievably fast, is full of protein and nutrients and has an unusual characteristic when cooked.

Dulse, grows along the coastlines in the wild and is harvested and is sold for up to $90 a pound. Now, researcher Chris Langdon and his staff, have created a new form of dulse which contains numerous vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as well as 16% protein.

It looks like translucent red lettuce and has an unusual characteristic when cooked....It tastes just like bacon. It has to be fried but the researchers claim it has a strong bacon like flavor.

I am thrilled since I love but do not eat bacon! The researchers are hopeful that the vegan market will place this product in high demand.

As far as it's superfood status, it is a superfood with twice the nutritional value of kale, according to the researchers.

It is also sustainable, as this can be quickly farmed using a water recirculation system. According to the researchers, growing is easy. It requires only a modest amount of seawater and sunlight.

Next week discover how raising your stomach acid levels can improve your digestion.

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