Living life as a human being has, in my opinion, a unique privilege. As human’s, we have two options on how to live our lives. We can choose to live our lives from the view point of our name, rank and social security number or we can move through the exciting process of taking away the labels of identity and discovering the inner being that lives within each one of us. This part of us is so intuitive, loving and intelligent that once we uncover it, the path of our life becomes illuminated.
You may be wondering how we can make such a transition when life appears to be geared around getting up, going to work, paying our bills and finding value and love for ourselves in any way possible. It seems that we all have the same basic needs. We all want to be loved, we all want to matter and we all need to be valued. The problem is that everyone is searching and needing the same thing.
When we choose to live our life from the first option of existing as our identity, we get these basic needs met from our education, career or from our relationships. Imagine a room filled with women all wearing the latest style of jeans. Not one woman in the room will be concerned about another woman’s figure. She will most likely spend her time comparing herself to everyone else to either shame herself or to make herself feel better. Her only true concern would be the opinion of the woman standing behind her.
When we live our lives from the aspect of ego, the experience is the same. We all want to be loved, we all want to matter and we all need to be valued. Each one of us is looking and needing the same things. How can you find something if everyone is looking for it? This is where I believe we can choose to have an alternate experience.
If we have the courage to take responsibility for meeting these needs for our self by ourselves, we just might find the keys that unlock the mystic inside us.
It’s like a game where we get to use our emotional reactions as clues to uncover our hidden brilliance. The process starts with a simple cracker jack box. First, you’ve got to dig deep to find the special decoder ring inside. Once you have it, you just have to put on a detective hat and have a note pad securely tucked into your back pocket.
To begin your investigation, I believe it’s best to start collecting information around the people that make you the most uncomfortable. These interactions can provide powerful clues that will expose the locked doors your mystic has been trapped behind.
It’s important to pay close attention to those conversations or interactions when a negative emotion arises. This is not the time to leave the room or change the conversation. Simply watch your emotional body and write down immediately the way you’re experiencing yourself about this person. Perhaps they make you feel shameful or perhaps you have the need to share something about yourself that will make you more important. Simply write down your notes and watch the emotions.
Later you can break out your decoder ring and evaluate the reactive behavior you experienced about yourself. It’s almost certain these emotions existed before you started your day so spend some time with yourself looking back into your past. This is what is means when someone says, “you have to go back to move forward”. There are some out there that will tell you to just “get over” your heart break or your resentment. It is my belief that doing so only guarantees those negative feelings will persist. In my opinion, you cannot know the compassionate one within you until you face the painful places in your life and offer gratitude for learning what they offered.
Once you identify a time when you were shameful, insignificant or whatever it might be, allow that part of yourself to relive the feelings. Make sure you’re clear about how old you were at that time and have an interview with that part of yourself.
When you have shared all you can remember, let that part of yourself know that you completely understand what they were saying and that you can’t imagine what it was like for them. Let them know you’re the best detective in town and once you solve the mystery as to why those emotions were there to begin with, you will provide them with a powerful leader, a mystic, or their future self. A being so enlightened that fear will no longer have a place in your experience.
Slowly once you have uncovered the reasons why you have felt shameful and insignificant, you can begin to recognize that those feelings were nothing more than a clever way of navigating you through your life.
It is in that realization, you not only unlock the mystic who’s been patiently waiting to embrace you but you begin to understand how important it is to allow everyone else to have their experiences. When you become the mystic, you will see that everyone is searching for themselves everywhere except in their own hearts. This is when compassion saturates your awareness.
It is within the investigation we realize it was a game all along and now we can just watch everyone else play without any reactive emotions disrupting our experience. Once you make it this far, you learn never to be a detective for anyone else. You just have to start passing out cracker jack boxes.

Author's Bio: 

Kris Timpert is a Body, Mind & Spirit Coach, PPS Mastery Mentor, C.H.E.K. Practitioner Level IV, Certified Intuitive Consultant, Exercise Consultant, Art Therapist and Author.