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The “Mustard Seed” Project Starts Now—A New Way Out

My son, Rev. Ken B., and I have just completed three exploratory Christian recovery efforts:

Over the past 2 ¼ years, we have traveled widely in California and Oahu taking the temperature of the Christian recovery needs, existing enthusiasm, and potential for Christian recovery growth.

• We have spoken at more than 25 conferences and meetings to learn the facts and resources.

• We attended and spoke at the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors (ACADC) Institute in Palm Springs. We introduced the Christian Recovery Resource Centers project and learned how licensed Christian recovery counseling might fit in.

• We just returned from giving a lecture as part of “The Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Hour” lecture series held at the Annenberg Center for Health Sciences on the Eisenhower Medical Center campus in Rancho Mirage, California. (This lecture series is also known as the “Betty Ford Center Alcohol Awareness Hour.”) The talk was open to the patients, alumni, and staff of the Betty Ford Center's rehabilitation program, as well as to the general public. We were privileged to learn the broad scope of a top-notch treatment program—including possible intervention, assessment, detox, counseling, treatment, family and children programs, fitness facilities, aftercare, and alumni work. We also learned a great deal about the interaction of the programs with Alcoholics Anonymous and professionals.

The bottom line is that we are more convinced than ever that a new, onrushing, Christian recovery movement is in progress. It needs to be A.A.-friendly, Bible-friendly, and Treatment-friendly; and it needs to be founded on a knowledge of the Christian roots of A.A. It also needs to work harmoniously and interactively with 12-Step programs, Christian recovery facilities and programs, medical and intervention skills, family and child orientations, biblical truths, prayer habits, fitness, aftercare, sober living, and a new life plan—“A New Way Out!”

So we returned to sunny, beautiful, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii.

And we were blessed to have two different families interact with us upon our return—both very much in need of help with the usual difficulties surrounding alcoholism and drug addiction,. They have cried out for Christian help.

The parents and the children in need are Christians. The parents are amenable to a full-bore approach that utilizes medical help and evaluation; Christian churches and fellowships; 12-Step program principles, practices, and participation; comprehensive treatment embracing professional counseling, intervention, and an emphasis on Bible study and prayer; and solving the problems that occur during the course of obtaining and securing sobriety.

We will begin now! We hope soon to have a local office for meetings. We hope to attract committed Christian helpers in the medical (including psychiatry and psychology), religious, counseling, substance abuse, community resource, fitness, and sober living fields—all the while encouraging all to learn the Christian origins and highly-effective program of early A.A., and the application of early A.A.'s principles and practices in the 12-Step fellowships today.

We will act as para-counselors who meet with those in need; assess their problems; apprise them of resources—Christian and otherwise—which will be helpful to their recovery; and suggest references in the areas of intervention, detox, counseling, fellowships, 12-Step programs, treatment, aftercare, and community assistance.

Our capabilities stem from Dick B.’s 24 years of continuous sobriety; his writings about, and knowledge of, the recovery movement, and A.A. history and fellowships; his long work with suffering alcoholics and addicts in the 12-Step scene; and his work with Rev. Ken B. in Bible fellowships consisting almost exclusively of Christian AAs seeking to get well with the help of the power and love of God.

What do we ask? Spread the word. Watch for developments. Suggest resources. Volunteer to help us meet needs. Provide needed transportation, community assistance, and appropriate referral opportunities.

For more information concerning “Christian Recovery Resource Centers and Persons” worldwide, please see:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dick B., J.D., CDAAC
Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, recovered alcoholic
Executive Director, the International Christian Recovery Coalition

Author's Bio: 

Dick B. is a writer, historian, retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, and an active recovered alcoholic. He has published 42 titles and over 500 articles on the history and biblical roots of Alcoholics Anonymous.